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Top 5 Upcoming Summer 2019 Anime You Need to Have on Your Radar


Top 5 Upcoming Summer 2019 Anime You Need to Have on Your Radar

Another new season of anime is nearly upon us, and with it another batch of shows vying for everyone’s scant time and attention. Some already show huge potential though, so we’ve gathered the top five best upcoming summer 2019 anime to watch.

Fire Force (Premiere Date: July 5)

Fire Force, Best Upcoming Summer 2019 Anime

The latest offering from Soul Eater creator Atsushi Ōkubo, Fire Force is about as creative, interesting and insane as anything else the acclaimed author has penned.

Set in a world where humans can spontaneously combust and transform into devilish fire monsters known as Infernals, the story follows Shinra Kusakabe, a second-generation Infernal able to control his flame-based abilities.

Alongside other second-generation individuals, he works to use his powers for good as part of the Special Fire Force Company 8, a group dedicated to keeping more malevolent Infernals in check and maintaining the peace.

However, shortly after joining this group, Shinra finds himself and his allies up against a faction intent on making more Infernals. Not only that, but they may be tied to a tragedy from his past that led to the deaths of his family members.

To that end, he sets out to stop this group, uncover their motivations and learn how his fate was tied to theirs all those years ago.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty bonkers premise with plenty of potential. It also boasts some stellar animation courtesy of David Production, as can be seen in the anime’s teaser trailer.

It will likewise be readily viewable on or near the same day it premieres in Japan via Crunchyroll‘s Summer 2019 streaming slate.

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