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Minecraft: How to Impale & What it Does

how to impale, minecraft

Minecraft: How to Impale & What it Does

Ever thought to yourself ‘hmm, I really like my Minecraft trident, but I want it to murder dolphins with even more finesse’? Exactly, we all have. Well, thank goodness for the impaling enchantment. It’s time to bring the thunder, and as much as I’m against animal abuse. Here’s how to impale and what it does in Minecraft… you monster.

How to Impale in Minecraft

The impaling enchantment enchantment was added in the aquatic update, and it allows tridents to have increased damage towards underwater mobs. These can include turtles (although why you’d want to hurt them is unknown), dolphins, guardians and squids.

If you don’t have a trident, you’re going to have to go for a little dip. Unfortunately, tridents are not craftable, and instead need to be obtained from killing Drowned-underwater zombies that have the stamina of olympic swimmers when they want to. what a joy!

Luckily they aren’t too hard to kill, so you’ll get your hands on one eventually. Some spawn with the trident as their natural weapon, whereas in other instances it can be one of their normal drops.

Using an anvil or enchanting table, you can easily fix your trident up with the impaling enchantment. The maximum level of the enchantment is five.

Remember, you must hold the enchanted trident and attack with it in order to see the newfound power of your underwater weapon.

For even more ways to make use of your godly new trident, check out Logdotzip’s video on some extremely crazy ways to use the Minecraft trident.

That’s all you need to know about how to impale on Minecraft. Now, go out into the virtual world and poach all the aquatic life you can. For more guides, such as how to make a beacon or obtain mending books, search for Twinfinite.

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