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Mario Maker 2: How Many Levels There Are in Story Mode

how many levels mario maker 2 story mode

Mario Maker 2: How Many Levels There Are in Story Mode

Mario Maker 2 may have an infinite amount of levels for players to work through thanks to the user created content that’s shared and downloaded by players around the world, but for those playing through the game’s story mode, you might be wondering how many levels there are until your work repairing Princess Peach’s castle is completed in Nintendo’s latest title.

How Many Levels There Are in Mario Maker 2 Story Mode

Well, let’s cut right to the chase. There are 120 levels in Mario Maker 2’s story mode. These are largely fairly straightforward levels for you to get to grips with everything that the game has to offer, but they’re pretty fun nonetheless and it’ll give you something to work your way through if you’re less of a creative and more the kind of person who just wants to play good ol’ Mario levels.

Of course, once you’ve played your way through the plethora of levels included in Mario Maker 2’s story mode, you can then dive into the never-ending pile of courses that other players have created around the world. To help ensure you’re not going to come across impossible levels, the creator must complete it before they’re able to upload it, too. So that resolves some potential frustration.

That’s all there is you need to know regarding how many levels are in Mario Maker 2’s story mode. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or check out our other guides for the game down below.

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