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Madden 20: How to Use Power Up Pass

Madden 20, How to Use Power Passes

Madden 20: How to Use Power Up Pass

Putting together the best team possible in Madden 20‘s Ultimate Team mode can be a timely process. Or at least, it can be if you don’t how to use a Power Up Pass.

Earned as you level up in Ultimate Team, Power Up Passes allow you to advance a player’s level without going through their listed requirements. For example, if a player requires a specific card you don’t have to power up and reach a higher level, you can instead use a Pass to bring them to the next level instead.

This can save you hours of grinding for a specific card, and help you cover gaping holes in your team’s stats in no time flat. Doing so is a simple process too, so long as you know what to look for and when.

How to Use Power Up Passes in Madden 20

For starters, you’ll need to unlock at least one Power Up Pass. As stated earlier, this is done by leveling up in Madden 20’s Ultimate Team mode. Once you have a Pass, you’ll need to find the player you want to use it on and make sure they can have a Pass applied to them.

Their level will have to line up with the level range displayed on the Pass, and if it does, the Pass will need to be available and not tied to another player yet.

For a better idea of which players to look into using your Passes on, check out Reddit user u/not_star_lord’s list of players Power Up Passes can be used on.

Once you’ve found the player you’d like to use the pass on, go to the Item Binder and select that player’s card. At the top of the screen is the upgrade option, which you can use to upgrade their overall rating level.

Select the Upgrade option, and so long as you have the necessary Pass available, it will show up as an option for use as an upgrade on a player.

That should cover how to use Power Up Passes in Madden 20. For more on the game, check out our review as well as some other guides on how to lob pass and how to touch pass.

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