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FFXIV Shadowbringers: Eden’s Gate Descent Boss Guide (E2)

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FFXIV Shadowbringers: Eden’s Gate Descent Boss Guide (E2)

FFXIV Shadowbringer’sfirst eight person raid fight, Eden’s Gate Descent Normal AKA E2, is here. In this guide we’ll run you through all of the important attacks you need to be aware of from the boss of this second stage of the first raid, and show you how to beat Eden’s Gate Descent as easily as possible.

Spoiler warning: We’re going to discuss the boss of this raid, don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled on it.

Eden’s Gate Descent Boss Guide (E2) for FFXIV Shadowbringer’s Eight Person Raid

Phase 1 Important Attacks and Notes

Doomvoid Guillotine – This is a large column AoE that will span roughly 1/3 of the arena. Simply move out of the way. After the cast, it will summon winged enemies that you cannot target, you must dodge them and then they will disappear.

These enemies will appear often throughout the fight and will take different paths depending on the timing. This is more of a concern for melee jobs that may have a bit of a reduced field of vision depending on their camera angle, so stay attentive.

Doomvoid Slicer – Arena-wide AoE that has its safe zone right next to the boss. Hustle inside to dodge it. The winged enemies will once again appear and head in towards the safe zone around the boss. Get out of the middle and then, if you’re a melee, get back in to continue doing your thing.

Shadowflame (Tanks and Healers) – Standard tank-buster attack that will hit both the MT and the OT. Tanks pop the cooldowns and healers be ready to heal if needed.

Dark Fire – Large AoE markers will target certain party members. Spread out and don’t stack them.

Unholy Darkness – Stack AoE attack. Just gather up to reduce the damage for everyone getting hit.

Eden’s Gate Descent Phase 2 – Spell in Waiting Attacks

There aren’t any clear, hard phase shifts in Eden’s Gate Descent, but once Spell in Waiting starts getting thrown around, the dynamic of the fight drastically changes.

Spell in Waiting – When the Voidwalker uses this, whatever spell he is using will be delayed, be it Dark Fire or Unholy Darkness for example, and a clock will countdown over your head (also signified by a status effect you can check on yourself).

Essentially, you need to remember what spell was cast on you, and what you were supposed to do, and ensure that you’re being where you’re supposed to be before the timer goes off, while reacting to other things going on around you not related to the timer.

For example. if Unholy Darkness is cast via Spell in Waiting, make sure to remember to re-stack before the spell goes off regardless of what’s going on around you.

If they are both cast at the same time, you’ll need to time it out so that you’re not stacking everything on top of one another. The Unholy Darkness goes off first then once that is done, people who got hit with the Dark Fire need to split up like they normally would.

Arena Knockback – This attack doesn’t have a name but a giant hand will appear on one side of the area and arrows will cover the whole arena so it’s hard to miss. Simply move to the side where the hand is in order to ensure you don’t get knocked off the side.

Entropy – Raid-wide AoE damage. Nothing crazy, just make sure no one is low if you’re a healer. However, it will occasionally summon five purple markers that one player will want to stand on before the attack goes off. It will damage whoever enters it, but will prevent high damage being afflicted to the rest of the raid party.

Shadoweye – Someone gets hit with a gaze icon. Don’t look at them to avoid bad things. This can also be used with spell in waiting, so keep in mind the way that mechanic works while other spells are going off.

Like we said, there’s really no hard phase shifts. Once you’ve seen all the above, all you need to do is rinse and repeat and know where you’re supposed to be while certain spell in waiting attacks are going off alongside the regular attacks that Voidwalker will do.

Try not to kill your friends and you’ll walk away with a W.

Wrapping Up & Loot

If you can do all of that, you’ll get a much earned clear for part two of the Eden’s Gate raid AKA Descent! Hopefully, this guide helped. Keep in mind loot is once per week for this fight, so loot wisely and visit this guide if you’re looking for options on where to exchange.

This time around you get a lot more loot, enough for everyone in the raid, assuming everyone has different needs of course.

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