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Electronic Arts “Working Hard” on Next-Gen Games; “Ready” and “Excited” for the Next Generation

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Electronic Arts “Working Hard” on Next-Gen Games; “Ready” and “Excited” for the Next Generation

During Electronic Arts’ financial conference call for investors and analysts, Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen talked about the next generation.

Jorgensen mentioned that the publisher has been at work on games for the next-generation of consoles for some time.

He also mentioned that Electronic Arts is “very excited” for the upcoming generation and will be ready.

“We’re working hard on moving and building games for next year on Gen 5, that’s obvious, I think everybody in the industry is doing that.

As has happened in the past, not all games will come out on Gen 5 immediately, and obviously games like Madden we’ll probably bring the Gen 5 game out when the Gen 5 consoles ship not when Madden itself ships, but we’ll be ready on Gen 5, we’re very excited about it and we’ve been working on it for some time.”

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson also mentioned that regardless of platform, the focus for Electronic Arts continues to be on making great games.

Both Sony and Microsoft have provided limited information about their next-gen consoles. We still don’t know the name of the next PlayStation, while Microsoft’s upcoming console is code-named Project Scarlett for now, with a Holiday 2020 release window..

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