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New Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Trailer Is All About the Story; Screenshots of E3 Demo Released

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne

New Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Trailer Is All About the Story; Screenshots of E3 Demo Released

Today Capcom released a brand new trailer and a large gallery of screenshots of the upcoming Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne.

The trailer showcases the story of the expansion, which picks up right after the end of the main game’s. We also get to see a glimpse of the new HQ.

Below you can read an official description directly from the press release.

“Picking up from the end of the storyline in Monster Hunter: World, Iceborne has players joining forces with the Research Commission once again to explore the undiscovered new land of Hoarfrost Reach, which will be the largest map in the game. Following an unusual sighting of Legiana from the Ancient Forest, the team journeys across the waters to a new locale with a frigid climate covered in snow and ice. As pioneers, the group soon sets up a new base camp in Hoarfrost Reach called Seliana, which serves as a warm haven with resources to prepare them for the challenging quests that await. A peek at the cozy new HQ can be seen in the latest trailer.”

On top of the new trailer, we also get to take a look at screenshots of the new monsters, alongside the new base camp Seliana.

“Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will introduce new monsters as well as returning series favorites. Tigrex, a frenetic creature familiar to fans of past Monster Hunter titles, joins Iceborne with its powerful roar and unpredictable moves sure to keep hunters on their toes. Shrieking Legiana, a newly discovered extreme variant of Legiana from Monster Hunter: World, is covered in a white frost which it uses to freeze the air around it and ferociously attack hunters.”

A demo of the expansion will be playable at E3 with three different quests (featuring Great Jagras, Banbaro, and Tigrex). All the weapons will be usable, including their new combos and features, on top of the new Clutch Claw.

This is not all, as the press release promises that more new monsters will be revealed down the line.

You can check out all the screenshots and the trailer below.

If you want to see and learn more Monster Hunter: World Iceborne, you can enjoy a previous trailer and the recent footage and details, on top of another batch of screenshots that were showcased during a recent reveal. We also have another series of trailers showing off the new weapon actions.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6.

The Steam version will be released in the winter, so the gap between launches on consoles and PC won’t be as long as it has been for the main game.

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