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Nintendo Switch Exclusive Daemon X Machina Shows Epic Story in New Trailer

Daemon X Manchina

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Daemon X Machina Shows Epic Story in New Trailer

Today Nintendo and Marvelous Entertainment released a brand new trailer of their upcoming mecha game Daemon X Machina.

The trailer introduces the story of the game and its characters, and it’s really epic, even thanks to the mecha design by legendary Macross creator Shoji Kawamori, and the character design by No More Heroes artist Yusuke Kozaki.

You can check it out below.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can check out an official description below.

“Defend the planet and defeat corrupted A.I. controlled robots using your Arsenal, a fully customizable mechanized battle suit. Choose and equip your Arsenal with a multitude of weapons, obtain more from downed enemy Arsenals, and swap them on the fly to suit your strategy in the face of ever-changing threats that may bring the end of the world.

It was the greatest disaster in recorded history… The moon tore apart, turning the sky into a kaleidoscope of red light that illuminated all who watched from below. Survive this apocalyptic new age as a mercenary
and pilot powerful mechs in this brand-new action game from Kenichiro Tsukuda (Armored Core) and mech designer Shoji Kawamori (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross).”

If you want to see more of Daemon X Machina, you can check out the gameplay showcased at E3 alongside a second, extensive video. You can also enjoy the trailer revealed at the Nintendo Direct and plenty of official screenshots from the latest press kit.

Daemon X Machina releases for Nintendo Switch on September 13, 2019.

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