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DC Universe Online has Been Announced for Nintendo Switch


DC Universe Online has Been Announced for Nintendo Switch

Marvel and Nintendo have partnered up to release Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 this July, but don’t count DC out of the competition. The PS3-era MMO DC Universe Online is coming to Switch, but with no set release date in sight.

For the uninitiated, DC Universe Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online game. Players choose between one of two factions (Hero or Villain), set up a character, and explore the DC Universe with other real players.

It’s stuffed with content, from daily bounties to small freelance missions to the longer Mentor-based missions. Each mission completed increases level and abilities, which is crucial, especially for PvP.

The game’s main appeal over other MMO’s is in the ability to play alongside an expansive roster of recognizable characters. Of course, you couldn’t play as Superman or Batman yourself (unless if it’s a very specific PvP mode), but rather join alongside them in story-based missions.

DC Universe’s servers have been ongoing since 2011, on the PS3 and Windows. Since then, the MMO has been ported to PS4 and Xbox One, and soon, Switch.

If you have friends who play DC Universe on other platforms, you might be a bit disappointed, though. While PC cross-platform play is supported with all platforms, cross-play between PlayStation and other consoles is not.

There’s no word on if Xbox/Switch cross-play will be supported, but based on Microsoft and Nintendo’s past cooperation, it’s certainly likely.

For more on DC Universe Online, read about last year’s Death of Superman content pack.

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