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Forager: How to Get Sand

Forager, How to Get Sand

Forager: How to Get Sand

How to Get Sand in Forager

Forager players will need as many materials as they can carry to make it through the game, so we’re here to help with a guide on how to get sand.

One of the first materials players can come across, sand is necessary to construct glass and glass-based objects. This is crucial for making glass bottles and other objects necessary to construct better harvesting stations and advance further in the game.

As such, it’s fairly easy to get sand. Players can either dig it up from Dig Spots or drag it in using a Fish Trap. The former can be done with a shovel after the Farming skill is obtained; the latter is available so long as the player has materials to construct it.

However, only the first method is a sure fire way to get sand. The second only provides a slim chance of dragging up sand, and typically doesn’t provide much as a result.

Fortunately, players can keep themselves stocked up with sand using the first method alone, especially if they utilize a few strategies to maximize their hauls.

How to Increase the Amount of Sand Gained From Dig Spots

While Dig Spots generate continuously on any map, Forager players can increase their spawn rate by using the Excavator buff. This buff can be activated via shrines built with the Faith skill, and causes Dig Spots to spawn in the player’s current location.

This buff can be used multiple times too, drastically increasing the amount of materials players can bring in at any given time.

To that end, players should use this buff whenever they can, especially when they find themselves in need of sand.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get sand in Forager. For more on the game, check out our guide on how to get scrolls and what they do.

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