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Days Gone: How to Get More Ammo

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Days Gone: How to Get More Ammo

How to Get More Ammo in Days Gone

When you’re living in the apocalypse, like in Days Gone, ammo is an all-important resource that you’ll need to stay alive. While running away is often the better option in Days Gone, you’ll still want to be stocked up for those time you get backed into a corner with no other option. Here’s how to get more ammo in Days Gone.

Each gun and weapon in Days Gone has a limited amount of ammo you can carry, like the pistol can only carry 20 extra bullets. Considering how many Freakers and Drifters you need to take down in the game, you’ll want to keep your ammunition full at all times. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to do that.

Finding More Ammo

Your first and easiest ways of getting more ammo is to simply find it lying around in the world. Sometimes you can find ammo boxes or ammo for guns just lying around randomly, but more often than not you’ll want to look in the back of Police Cars.

Every Police Car trunk will have an ammo box in it that replenishes some ammo for your primary, secondary, and special weapons. In order to open the trunk, however, you’ll need to run over to it and hold down square while Deacon pries it open with his knife. Keep in mind that this leaves you totally open to being attacks, so you’ll only want to do it when there aren’t any Freakers around.

Most enemies that you kill in Days Gone will also drop ammo, however, it’ll only be for the type of weapon that they were wielding. This means if they were wielding a shotgun you’ll only be able to pick up shotgun ammo, and won’t get anything if you were wielding another weapon, like a rifle.

Purchasing Ammo

Your other option for restocking in Days Gone is to purchase ammo and supplies from camps and settlements, like Copelands Camp. You can purchase ammo from the merchant in camp, noted by a little icon with a gun and bullets.

In order to purchase anything, however, you’ll need credits to spend. Credits are gained by getting trust with each particular settlement; getting more trust means more credits to spend.

Trust is pretty easily gained, luckily. All you need to do is complete quests for the camp, as each one will give you quite a bit of trust. You can also turn in bounties at the bounty stall, things like Swarmer ears will each grant you a bit of trust, so choose which encampments you really want to turn your bounties in at.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get more ammo in Days Gone. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, and check out our Days Gone guide wiki.

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