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Sekiro: How to Get & Use the Mortal Blade

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Sekiro: How to Get & Use the Mortal Blade

How to Get and Use the Mortal Blade in Sekiro

Developed by FromSoftware, Sekiro is a third-person action game with an incredibly in-depth combat system for players to sink their teeth into. Here’s how to get and use the Mortal Blade in Sekiro.

After defeating Genichiro at Ashina Castle, you’ll learn of the existence of a sword called the Mortal Blade, and it’s one of the tools you’ll need to aid Kuro in his plan.

How to Get It

To obtain the Mortal Blade in Sekiro, you’ll first need to defeat Genichiro. After that, you’ll need to head to Senpou Temple, which can be accessed via the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance, near the Ashina Castle Sculptor’s Idol.

Follow the linear path, and you’ll eventually reach Senpou Temple. At the very end of this area, you’ll find the Main Hall Sculptor’s Idol. Just in front of the large Buddha statue is a desk with a bell on it. Examine it to get transported to the Hall of Illusions, where you’ll have to beat the Folding Screen Monkeys, which is a puzzle boss fight of sorts.

After defeating this boss in Sekiro, you’ll speak with the Divine Child, who hands over the Mortal Blade.

Using the Mortal Blade in Sekiro

While the Mortal Blade looks like a sword you can use in battle, unfortunately that isn’t the case. Instead, it’s a combat art that you can equip from your menu.

Choose the combat art slot from your menu, and you’ll find a new skill called Mortal Draw. The description is as follows:

“With the flash of a sword, the blade slashes through enemies, leaving a reddish-black, noxious mist. The seeping mist extends the range of the blade.”

Similar to all other combat arts in Sekiro, you execute it by pressing L1 and R1 together.

That’s all you need to know about how to get and use the Mortal Blade in Sekiro. Be sure to check our Sekiro guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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