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Sekiro Gourd Seed Locations: Where to Find All Gourd Seeds

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Sekiro Gourd Seed Locations: Where to Find All Gourd Seeds

Where to Find All Gourd Seeds in Sekiro

Even though Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is very different from a Souls game, there’s still a few similarities, particularly in the way you heal. Whereas Souls has Estus Flasks, Sekiro has Healing Gourds, which work exactly the same way as limited-use items that get restored when you rest at a waypoint. So with that, here’s where to find all Gourd Seeds in Sekiro.

What They Do

At the very start of Sekiro you’ll only have one Healing Gourd, meaning you can only heal once until you rest, unless you have other consumable healing items. By finding Gourd Seeds you can increase the number of Healing Gourds you have, with each seed giving you one additional Healing Gourd.

Of course, once you get a Gourd Seed, make sure you take it back to Emma at the Dilapidated Temple, so she can turn it into a Healing Gourd.

Gourd Seed Locations

Below you’ll find all of the Gourd Seed locations in Sekiro that we know about. Keep in mind that there may be more Gourd Seeds waiting to be found in the game, and we’ll make sure to update this article should we find any more.

  • Ashina Outskirts – As you start this area, make your way down the slope until you see a closed off gate with a mini-boss standing in front of it, General Naomori Kawarada. We have a guide here on how to beat Kawarada, but the best way is by grappling up to the cliff on the left then sneaking around to the gate above him, and jumping down for a stealth attack to start. After beating the boss you’ll get a Gourd Seed.
  • Ashina Outskirts – The next one isn’t too far from General Kawarada, just head through the next area, clear out the enemies and eventually, you’ll make it to the Chained Ogre, a fearsome beast chained to wooden poles. Again, we have a guide on how to beat the boss in Sekiro, but the Chained Ogre itself won’t give you a seed. Instead grapple up to the building above where the Ogre was, then head left into the small room. Inside you’ll find the Gourd Seed.
  • Ashina Outskirts – When you reach the Ashina Castle Gate you’ll fight a boss named Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, a samurai on a massive horse. After the battle, head up the stairs on the left side and find the Memorial Mob merchant, who will sell you the seed for some Sen.
  • Ashina Castle – Head to the Upper Tower – Antechamber Sculptor’s Idol, then go through the level until you reach the exploding enemy on the roof. After it has attacked you, look for a nearby grapple point to head up and grab another Gourd Seed.
  • Ashina Outskirts – After you’ve totally completed Ashina Castle area of Sekiro and beaten the final boss there, a Memorial Mob merchanct will appear in Ashina Outskirts, next to the Outskirts Wall – Stairway Sculptors Idol. The merchant will sell you another seed for Sen.
  • Senpou Temple – Play through Senpou Temple all the way until the very end when you reach the Mt. Kongo Sculptor’s Idol. From the idol, head into the building at the top of the hill, then grapple up to the rafter, and through a hole in the left side of the room. Follow the stairs to another room with praying monks, and you’ll see the seed right in front of them.
  • Sunken Valley – Start from the Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor’s Idol for this one. From the idol, just follow the path down and past the first enemy. Look for a grapple point to go up, and then look for another climbable ledge on the left side. This leads to a path with a Gourd Seed at the end.
  • Ashina Depths – Head to the Ashina Depths area in Sekiro, we have a guide on how to get there if you need help. Go to Mibu Village and find the tree directly in the center of the village. At the tree’s base you’ll find another seed.
  • Fountainhead Palace – Once you’ve reached this late-game area, head to the Palace Grounds Sculptor’s Idol. From there, head into the building with feral enemies. Instead of fighting them, head up the stairs to the left side of the enemies and find a chest at the top containing a Gourd Seed.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find all Gourd Seeds in Sekiro. Make sure to search Twinfinite for even more tips, tricks, and info, or take a look at our Sekiro guide wiki.

If you’ve found any other extra Gourd Seed locations that we’ve missed, make sure to leave them in the comments down below!

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