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Sekiro: Anayama the Peddler Quest Guide


Sekiro: Anayama the Peddler Quest Guide

Anayama the Peddler Quest Guide

Anayama is one of the more interesting NPCs in the game in that not only does he have information to sell, but some really great goods like Black Gun Powder and Scrap Iron — he also has a quest line for you to complete. Here’s a guide for Sekiro’s Anayama the Peddler quest line.

Where to Find Anayama the Peddler

The first time you meet Anayama will be in the Ashina Outskirts. He can be found behind a shop stall setup behind the Outskirts Wall Stairway Sculptor Idol.

When you travel to that idol, turn left until you see some red flashes of blurry light. Head to that — it’s a memory remnant. Then, turn left some more and you’ll see Anayama sitting on the ground with a mini-shop set up.

How to Begin the Quest Line

To begin Anayama’s quest line, you first need to talk to him. He’ll try to sell you information for 50 sen. Purchase this information and he’ll try to sell you more information for 100 sen. Purchase this information as well.

After that, his shop will be open to you. Purchase what you’d like and then speak to him again. He’ll ask you a favor and should you accept, he’ll task you with finding out what Ashina samurai want to purchase.

If You Get to the Hirata Estate Before Ashina Outskirts

If you go through the Hirata Estate memory before making your way through Ashina Outskirts, which is totally possible, your first run in with Anayama will happen in a house within the Hirata Estate.

You’ll find him looting a house. You can kill him here, but if you do that, you won’t have access to his quest line later in the Ashina Outskirts. There’s really no special reward for killing him, other than being able to say you did, so we don’t recommend attempting to fight him here.

What Do Ashina Samurai Want?

Now that Anayama has tasked you with learning what Ashina samurai want, you need to head to Ashina Castle. If you’ve already completed that area, travel to the Old Grave Sculptor Idol. If you haven’t found that idol yet, just keep traversing forward from Anayama and you’ll eventually come across it.

From this idol, turn around and head through the passage with the two enemies — one is a monk and the other is a basic enemy. Defeat them and turn right.

You should spot two soldiers on the bridge in front of you. Eavesdrop on them and you’ll learn that the Ashina samurai want salt.

Now that you’ve got this information, head back to Anayama the Peddler. Tell him what you’ve learned and you’ll see that in the shop, you’re now able to buy Black Gun Powder and Scrap Iron for 150 sen, which is great because these materials are used for upgrading your Shinobi Prosthetics.

The Next Piece of the Quest Line

There’s another favor that Anayama will ask you next time you talk to him. He’ll tell you that he needs you to find someone who can help him loot battlefields — someone big, strong and thick.

A great candidate for this is a giant named Kotaro. He’s a resident of the forest area around Senpou Temple. Travel to Senpou Temple (through the Abandoned Dungeon) and reach the first idol there.

Exit the building where this idol is found and turn right. You should spot Kotaro sitting against a tree and he should be crying.

Talk to him and he’ll tell you that you need to get an item called the Red and White Pinwheel.

Where Is the Red and White Pinwheel?

This pinwheel is in Senpou Temple so you’re already in the right place. You need to progress forward through this area until you reach the Shugendo Sculptor Idol.

Once you’ve reached that idol, head forward up the temple and turn left when you can. You should spot pinwheels on the cliff — the glowing one can be picked up by you.

Bring this pinwheel to Kotaro and you’ll be able to suggest somewhere for him to go. Tell him about Anayama and Anayama’s request for help.

Kotaro will agree to go to Anayama and the next time you talk to Anayama, Kotaro will be present as well.

The End of the Quest Line

Talk to Anayama the Peddler after sending Kotaro his way and you’ll find that both are very happy. Because you’ve completed this quest line, you’ll be able to buy new items from him.

Specifically, you’ll be able to purchase Yellow Gunpowder and Lump of Fat Wax for 300 sen (you’ll get three of each with a 300 sen purchase). These materials are very rare materials that can help upgrade the Shinobi Prosthetic late game.

That’s it for our Anayama the Peddler quest guide in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

For more information about Sekiro, be sure to check out our Sekiro Guide Wiki. There, you’ll find tips, tricks, walkthroughs and more to help you conquer FromSoftware’s latest challenge.

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