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Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds Gets a Wacky Gameplay Demo at PAX East


Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds Gets a Wacky Gameplay Demo at PAX East

Obsidian’s upcoming first person shooter/RPG The Outer Worlds got to show off some gameplay at this year’s PAX East, showcasing a brand new demo walkthrough.

The demo(which you can watch down below, courtesy of MrRedRivers) represents the game’s alpha state and so lacks the level of polish you might expect, but does show off a chunky amount of gameplay. The walkthrough takes a tour through the central city of Byzantium as you undertake a short quest that sees you accompanied by two characters – the hot-headed Felix and the boozy Nyoka.

The Outer Worlds is grubby sci-fi adventure set at the very edge of the galaxy, where corporations have taken over planets with their relentless branding. You awake from cryosleep to discover your ship abandoned on the edge of this colony space, and embark on a journey to find out more about the true nature of these corporations.

In keeping with the themes of the game, Byzantium’s shiny exterior looks nice from afar, but walking the streets lets you get an up-close look at the cracks running through that facade.

The walkthrough also shows the many ways you can interact with, and of course kill, NPCs. Dialogue includes passing skill checks like Persuasion and bartering something an NPC may want, as well as having the same tongue-in-cheek flair you’d expect from Obsidian game, like the option to remain “stoicly silent”.

We get a good look at an array of different types of weapons, from plasma guns to grenade launchers, as well as one of the goofy “science weapons”, the Mandibular Re-arranger.

The game is player-driven and story-heavy, where your choices affect not only plot development but your character’s progression on a mechanical level. The game tracks areas you struggle in and incorporates them into its “Flaws” feature. These are negative stat effects that follow you throughout the game, but usually balance out with a perk.

The Outer Worlds has already generated a lot of hype, as well controversy with its recently announced move to the Epic Games Store. Ever since its trailer dropped in December of last year people have been quick to label it “Fallout: New Vegas in space” and are already comparing it to Fallout 76. This demo makes it clear that while it may have a similar sense of humor, it is entirely its own game.

The Outer Worlds will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year, though an official release date hasn’t been set.

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