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New Detective Pikachu Trailer Shows Ryan Reynold’s Pikachu in Action

detective pikachu

New Detective Pikachu Trailer Shows Ryan Reynold’s Pikachu in Action

Today a new trailer was released for the upcoming CGI/live-action hybrid Pokemon movie Detective Pikachu, which comes out later this Spring.

The thirty second teaser is a follow-up to the late February trailer that blew everyone out the water with the sheer menagerie of Pokemon it managed to cram in, including herds of Bulbasaur, a Ludicolo tending bar and even the legendary Mewtwo.

This latest teaser, which you can watch down below, was shared by Ryan Reynolds and gives us a more personal look at everyone’s favorite electric mouse(voiced by Reynolds, who also did the facial motion capture for Pikachu). It also spotlights more of Pikachu’s quirky sarcasm, as well as showing off his Quick Attack.

Based on the 2016 game of the same name, Detective Pikachu stars Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, former Pokemon trainer and the son of prominent detective Harry Goodman. As Tim investigates the suspicious disappearance of his father he’s joined by an unusually intelligent amnesiac Pikachu, who used to be Harry’s partner. Together they explore Ryme City in search of clues as they unravel the mystery surrounding Harry’s disappearance.

The run up to the movie’s release has been peppered with promotional tidbits. We’ve had several trailers and some hilarious behind-the-scenes peeks, as well as The Pokemon Company releasing five new trading cards specific to the film.

The excitement behind the movie has been slowly building, especially for longtime Pokemon fans who are getting antsy for the release of Sword and Shield. Even those who were at first put off by the film’s hyper-realistic take on Pokemon have now been caught up in the hype, and depending on how successful the movie is we could be looking at the first of a live-action Pokemon cinematic universe.

Legendary Pictures, one of the main production companies behind the film, has openly been enthusiastic about expanding more of the games’ extensive content to the big screen. With over 800 Pokemon currently existing(and that number’s about to shoot up later this year), they definitely won’t run out of source material any time soon.

Detective Pikachu will arrive in theaters on May 10.

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