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How Long Dead or Alive 6 Takes to Beat

Dead or Alive 6, how long it takes to beat

How Long Dead or Alive 6 Takes to Beat

How Long it Takes to Beat Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 has arrived and hardcore fans can dive into the game’s campaign mode with their favorite characters from series’ long history. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how long it takes to beat Dead or Alive 6, here’s what you need to know.

The game’s story is split between eight chapters including a prologue. Within this story, there were 66 total cutscenes, missions, and fights to enjoy throughout.

It will probably take the average fighting game fan two to three hours to complete the game’s story. Obviously you can tack on or remove an hour depending on your skill level, or whether you skip cutscenes, but that’s more or less around where most people are going to end up.

The story of Dead or Alive 6 plays out similar to other modern fighting games. It’s not an arcade style where you play from different perspectives. Instead, you’ll be playing through an on-rails story where you experience the story through the eyes of various different characters from the game’s lore.

That does it for how long it takes to beat Dead or Alive 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information both about the latest game and the series in general, be sure to check out our interview with game director/producer Yohei Shimbori, and out Wiki.

Longtime fan and Twinfinite news editor Giuseppe Nelva learned as much as he could about DLC support, Shimbori’s thoughts on guest characters, cross-platform play, and fanservice.

Specifically, Giuseppe asks Shimbori about the heated discussion about whether or not aspects of Dead or Alive 6 was censored in anyway saying: “There were also mentions of censorship from Sony. I’d like to stress that there is no difference in content between platforms. Rumors about censorship for Sony’s console are untrue.”

Also, if you’re interested in the costumes in question, you can take a look at all of them right here.

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