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Gambit Role Armor Perks Revealed in Latest Season of the Drifter Trailer for Destiny 2


Gambit Role Armor Perks Revealed in Latest Season of the Drifter Trailer for Destiny 2

Tomorrow, Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter is unleashed, and what is potentially most exciting about it is the more competitive version of Gambit, Gambit Prime. Via new armor sets announced last week, players are encouraged to fill specific roles on a team rather than running around like chicken with their heads cut off fighting over motes like the Seagulls from Finding Nemo. No I’m not salty at all, I promise.

Today, via Destiny’s Twitter, Bungie unveiled what the perks on the armor sets are so players can start figuring out what role they want to go for first. Let’s check out all of these new perks.

Reaper – Clearing Waves, Killing Larger Enemies

  • Weaken Higher-Value Targets
  • Multikills Generate Special Ammo
  • Gain Increased Mote Lifetime
  • Powerful Enemy Kills Generate Grenade Recharge

Sentry – Counter Invasion & Bank Protection

  • Multikills Grants a Damage Buff Against Taken
  • Bank Gives Health Regeneration
  • Mark Invaders for Teammates
  • Buff Allies in the Well of Light

Collector – Collect Motes, Send Blockers

  • Drop Motes on Death
  • Motes Grant Overshield
  • Gain Ammo on Mote Deposit
  • Send Giant 20-Mote Blockers

Invader – Hunter Players, Steal Motes

  • Gain Ammo While Invading
  • Improved Invasion Overshield
  • Damage Bonus on Guardian Kills
  • Lock and Drain Motes From Enemy Bank

The reveal of the perks provides a little bit of insight into some of the new features of Gambit Prime. For example, we knew that draining motes was going to be a thing, but it appears that it’s going to be a perk exclusive to Invaders. The Sentry was billed as a Taken killer, but also seems to be the anti-Invader player as well. Also for the first time, motes can be recovered on death if you’re a Collector rocking the new armor.

We’ll get to see how all it comes together tomorrow when Season of the Drifter goes live.

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