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Division 2 Hunter Locations: Where to Find All Masks (Death, Wraith, Ghoul & More)

Masks, division 2, how to find, all, hunter masks

Division 2 Hunter Locations: Where to Find All Masks (Death, Wraith, Ghoul & More)

Where to Find All Hunters & Masks in Division 2

The Division 2 has 12 hidden masks for players to find spread throughout the world of Washington D.C.

Obtaining these masks will not be an easy feat considering you’ll have to jump through quite a few hoops to get them. It’s important to note that every mask can only be acquired during nighttime except for the Crimson Mask.

Here are the steps and where to find all masks (Death, Wraith, Ghoul) in The Division 2.

The Daemon Mask

The first mask is located in the Downtown east section of the map.

You’ll have to head inside to the center of the building where you will see targets inside multiple windows. Shoot the targets from top to bottom to make the first hunter spawn.


Kill him to receive the Daemon Mask.

Diamond, Cross, Phantom & Death Masks

Located in the park just north of the East Mall you will be able to obtain the next four masks.

Masks, division 2, how to find, all, hunter masks

This will be extremely challenging since you’ll be fighting four hunters at the same time so be prepared.

Find the coffee shop located on the west side of the park. once you’re inside, there will be a lever found under the coffee machine, pull it and head towards the center of the park

Masks, division 2, how to find, all, hunter masks

(Image Credit: DadRage)

Find the Christmas tree and stand next to it for a few seconds, this will cause the four hunters to spawn and begin the fight.

It’s probably best to head back into the coffee shop and bunker down there.

The Wraith Mask

This mask can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the map.


You will need to locate the flagpole near the position in the screenshot above. Once you’ve found it, you will need to salute the flag six times.

You can salute by holding down the bottom D-pad and selecting the salute emote.

This will spawn the hunter directly in front of you.

The Ghoul Mask

The Ghould mask is located northwest of Potomac Park.

You’ll see three tunnels into the underground in this location, make sure you take the bottom-most one.

Once at the bottom of the ladder take the cave to your north until you reach a room with a map on the wall and a laptop on the desk.

Interact with the laptop, and the map will light up with a new location to go to.

Now you want to head back the way you came up to the surface. Once there head southeast to the reflecting pool.

When you’ve arrived, there will be a little camp with a swinging lantern. Shoot the lantern to spawn the hunter and defeat him.

The Crimson Mask

The Crimson Mask is located on the southeast side of the Downtown East location.


On the North side of this building, there is a walkie talkie on the counter you must interact with.



After interacting with that run to the south side of this building and there will be a phone on the counter, interact with it.

Once you’ve done both of these things, the hunter will spawn in the space between the two rooms.

Kill him to collect the crimson mask.

The Midas and Revenant Masks

These masks are located in the west end of the Potomac Event Center.


It’s important to note you must have completed this mission before attempting to go back and get the masks.

Walk into the same spot you entered the mission from originally and look left, and there will be a pool.

At night go into the center of the pool and do jumping jacks. This can be done by selecting the bottom d-pad and clicking on the jumping jacks emote.

Two hunters will spawn, defeat them to finish this.

The Ghost Mask

Once you’ve reclaimed the Washington monument control point you’ll be able to access this mask. Once you have the control point head down to the supply room at night.

From there go to the other side of the room and you’ll be able to interact with a button that will show you three different locations.

These are the locations of three different gravesites that you will need to salute to get the hunter to spawn.

Ghost Mask

(Image Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun)

The red circle represents the gravesites you’ll need to salute in order to get the hunter to spawn. The northmost cyan circle is where the hunter will spawn once you’ve saluted all three gravesites and hit the button in the supply room again.

You will see the hunter perched atop a shipping container near a crane. You will need to kill him in one shot so be sure to equip your best sniper rifle and aim for the head.

If you do not kill him on the first shot he will disappear and you’ll need to wait a full in-game day to try again.

The Specter Mask

The Specter Mask follows the same steps from the Ghost mask. Salute the same three grave sites and return to the control point supply room.


(Image Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun)

Look at the monitor in the supply room for a building location. Head over to the direction of the orange circle and you will see the hunter atop the roof.

Don’t get to close or he will despawn and you’ll have to do this all over again.

Same as the Ghost you’ll need to kill him in one shot so be sure to equip your strongest weapon and whatever buff you have available.

Kill him to obtain the Specter mask.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about where to find all masks in The Division 2.

We want to thank DadRage for the hard work they’ve done trying to uncover all of the secrets of the masks.

For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our Division 2 Wiki.

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