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Dead or Alive 6: How to Taunt

Dead or Alive 6, taunt

Dead or Alive 6: How to Taunt

How to Taunt in Dead or Alive 6

Developer Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive makes its return with the sixth game in the acclaimed fighting series, introducing new gameplay mechanics and characters that do a decent job of keeping the formula fresh. Of course, once you’ve begun to find your rhythm in competitive play, you’ll want to make sure your opponent knows who’s boss. Here’s how to taunt in Dead or Alive 6.

Taunting is Dead or Alive 6’s equivalent of a boxer holding his hands behind his back with his chin up, or the famous winding-up of the punch you might have seen Apollo Creed use in the original Rocky movie. It’s all about being cheeky between combos that school your opponent.

Performing the action isn’t difficult. Simply press L2 (PS4) or Left Trigger (Xbox One) to have your character perform their taunt. Each character has their own unique taunt action that showcases a bit of their personality.

Of course, there is no damage output when performing the action — it’s just a bit of showboating to frustrate your opponent. Just remember that it takes a second or two to pull off, so don’t be that person who tries to look cool and ends up getting hit. And remember, the more you taunt the more you’re likely to rile up your opponent and make him determined to beat you. Pick and choose your moments, people!

That is all the information you should need about how to taunt in Dead or Alive 6. For more useful guides, tips, and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Dead or Alive 6 wiki. We’ll have plenty of coverage on the game over the coming weeks. Also, check out our latest interview with series director and producer Yohei Shimbori to learn more about his stance on the most burning questions that fans have had about DoA 6.

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