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Apex Legends Crashing Fixed Thanks to New Bug Reporting System

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Apex Legends Crashing Fixed Thanks to New Bug Reporting System

In a post on the Apex Legends Subreddit, Respawn community manager u/Jayfresh_Respawn has detailed a new PC patch that aims to fix common game crashing bugs. It was also pointed out that the information used to discover these issues was found using the new crash reporting system.

After Tuesday’s season 1 update, Apex legends will now write an apex_crash.txt file to your computer’s My Documents folder when the game crashes. You can then submit this file to EA’s forums so that Respawn can use the log’s information to understand what may be causing certain issues.

The Reddit post notes that these reports revealed that a major bug many players were experiencing was being “caused by one part of the program changing memory used by another part.” Respawn says this new patch fixes the issue and that they would have had trouble discovering the cause of the crashing without the help of their community.

u/Jayfresh_Respawn provided the following explanation to illustrate why finding the cause of the bug was so difficult:

“As an analogy, imagine you’ve got thousands of robots tasked with painting different parts of an entire city, where each robot is given one of a dozen colors of paint. Occasionally, somebody complains that one of the rooms that was supposed to be red has some blue on the wall, but they don’t tell you which room. Based on that information, your job is to go fix it! This is why it’s been difficult to quickly identify, reproduce, fix, and test fixes.”

Additionally, the community manager says that Respawn is aware of a handful of other rare crashes but still needs more information to discover the reasons behind them.

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