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Metro Exodus: What the Preload & Unlock Times Are

metro exodus preload and unlock times

Metro Exodus: What the Preload & Unlock Times Are

What the Preload & Unlock Times Are for Metro Exodus on PC, Xbox One, and PS4

With Metro Exodus’ last-minute switch from the Steam Store to the Epic Games Store, it’s difficult to find concrete information on preload and launch times at the moment– even when dealing with official sources.

Until then, we’ve rounded up all of the most definite info available on the preload and launch times for Metro Exodus. Be sure to check back here! We’ll keep this guide updated with verified new information as soon as it arrives.

What the Preload Times Are

While not necessary, preloading ensures that come unlock time, you can spend more time playing and less time downloading. Preloading is also a useful way to avoid launch-day server congestion and is indispensable for gamers who may have slower download speeds. Here’s what we know so far regarding preload times for Metro Exodus.

PC Preload (Steam):

It looks like there will be no preload available for the Steam version of Metro Exodus. User “Damis” on the Steam forums posted a screenshot of a conversation with Deep Silver custom service. In this exchange, Deep Silver technical support states that “since most traffic is expected through the Epic Game Store, there probably won’t be any pre-load for the Steam version this time.”

UPDATE: Despite what was mentioned by Deep Silver tech support above, the official Metro Exodus Twitter account has stated that preload for Steam customers “WILL HAPPEN”, and that they “will announce expected start time in due course.”

UPDATE 2: The Steam Preload is now live!

PC (Epic Games):

On February 6 the official Metro Exodus Twitter account stated that they are “confirming the PC pre-load timings” and that they “will let everyone know soon!”. You can find that Tweet here.

UPDATE: Preloading will not be available on the Epic Game Store. You can find the tweet from the official Metro account stating this here.

Metro Exodus Xbox One Preload Times:

The ability to preload Metro Exodus has actually been available since August! Head to the store page on Xbox Live to find out more. The file size you can expect is 45.69GB


Preload will begin on February 13. If you enable automatic download for Metro Exodus on your console, a countdown clock will appear with the time left until available.

What the Metro Exodus Unlock Times Are

PC (Steam and Epic):

UPDATE: Metro Exodus will unlock at 00.00 EST on Friday, February 15 worldwide. This means Pacific Timezone players can jump in at 9pm on February 14. UK will unlock at 5am GMT on February 15, Europe at 6am, and so on. You can view the tweet with this information here.

Xbox One:

UPDATE: According to a recent tweet by the official Metro Exodus account, the game will unlock “on a rolling basis at 00.00 local time in each country on Friday, February 15th”. Some countries span multiple time zones (like the US). We assume that for the US, the unlock time will be based on Eastern Standard Time, as this is what is posted on The Microsoft store.

Metro Exodus PS4 Unlock Times:

UPDATE: Here is the latest information regarding PS4 unlock times from the game’s official Twitter account:

  • Europe – Game will unlock on a rolling basis at 00.00 local time in each country on Friday, February 15th
  • America – Game will unlock at one fixed time – 00.00 EST on Friday, February 15th
  • Japan / Asia – Game will unlock at one fixed time from approx. 11.00 local time Friday, February 15th
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