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Jump Force: How to Level Up Characters Fast & What It Does

jump force level up

Jump Force: How to Level Up Characters Fast & What It Does

How to Level Up Characters Fast in Jump Force

Jump Force features a large cast of characters from all corners of the anime multi-verse. Of course, they’ve always got the option to become more powerful as you continue playing the game. Here’s how to level up characters fast in Jump Force and what it does.

When you use a character in battle, whether you win or lose, you will accrue experience points. This goes for both the cast of Shonen characters and for your own custom characters, and you will want all of your characters to be as well developed as possible.

What Leveling Up Characters Does

Increasing the level of your characters has several benefits: perhaps the most simple and straightforward benefit is that it will increase that specific character’s stats.

In addition, if you level up characters in Jump Force, they will gain a single Support Skill Point. These points are permanent, and once acquired, can be used to equip Support Skills, that can have a variety of different benefits and applications, like boosting Raw Damage. This, however, does not apply to custom characters.

Every Support Skill has its own point requirement and equipping a skill will subtract its cost from your total pool of skill points. This allows for a degree of freedom when playing, enabling you to tailor a character to your own individual play style.

Most of these skills will take quite a bit of work to equip, so you are going to need to grind out some levels before you will be able to complete your perfect build.

The Fastest Way to Level Up Characters in Jump Force

While you will earn experience for every battle you take part in, if you want to maximize your efforts, there is a quicker way to reach max level with your favorite characters.

The best way to do this is is to jump into the Level Training missions, under Free Missions at the Mission Counter. This mode will reward you with 5-6 times the amount of experience you would normally receive and is the perfect way to reach max level quickly.

Keep in mind, that even though this method is a great way to gain levels, the experience is unique to each character and is not shared, so you are still going to have to invest some time in building a full team of high leveled characters.

That’s all you need to know to level up characters fast in Jump Force. For more on Jump Force, be sure to check out our curated wiki, which will help you achieve dominance over your foes. If you are just getting started, then you should arm yourself with these Tips & Tricks for Beginners.

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