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Crackdown 3: Story Summary (Spoilers)

crackdown 3, story summary

Crackdown 3: Story Summary (Spoilers)

Story Summary of Crackdown 3

After a long wait, the story of Crackdown finally has picked up. In Crackdown 3, players will battle an evil corporation known as TerraNova for the soul of the city of New Providence. This post is going to dive into a story summary of Crackdown 3. If you’re looking forward to experiencing it yourself.

*Final Spoiler Warning*

The game begins with a rather bad ass cutscene voiced by Terry Crews as Jaxon, one of the playable agents in the game. The Agency is sending its best people to fight an evil corporation known as TerraNova at the heart of their operations in the city of New Providence, possibly the last known city not effected by a disaster known as the blackouts, where light is eradicated.

Upon their aerial approach of the city though, they are attacked by TerraNova leader, Elizabeth Niemand, in a massive dragon-like spaceship that obliterates all of the agents.

However, Jaxon, and a few other agents, are revived by a roguish thief known as Echo, who despite her career choice, has benevolent aims. Reluctantly her, and Agency director Charles Goodwin, work together to support the agents in restarting their campaign against TerraNova from within New Providence.

The objective in Crackdown 3 is to start from the bottom of the corporate pyramid, take out specific department heads to cut off the support for Elizabeth Niemand in order to make an attack on her possible. The player character one by one eliminates the leaders of each major division with TerraNova.

There’s Logistics, which is responsible for transport and technology R&D. They control an AI known as Roxy which punishes normal citizens with its armored monorail tech and robot defense force, controlling the flow of people around the city.

Then there’s Industry, led by Katala Vagras, which is responsible for mining and developing uses for a substance known as Chimaera, which is incredibly important to Niemand’s currently unknown endgame. Their operations displace and poison the citizens of TerraNova.

Finally, there’s Security, which is essentially the violent brutal arm of TerraNova which keeps the citizens subjected through violent means. They have imprisoned citizen militia members that would be sympathetic to the Agency’s fight, and must be freed.

Throughout the course of the game, you learn that Niemand is working with some other unknown entity through little tidbits of information sprinkled about, but it’s never fully explained. You can check out our Crackdown 3 ending summary for brief description of what we know there.

Victory is impossible initially, but as a team, the Agency and Echo, work together to dismantle each division, and then launch a final assault on the headquarters of TerraNova.

Niemand and her special TerraNova forces put together a final stand against the Agency to defend the building, but the Agency prevails. After reaching the top of the tower Niemand greets us herself in the same Dragon ship that killed all of the agents once before.

After an epic battle, the Agency pulls out a win, and the city, for now, is safe. Unless you 100% Crackdown 3 before taking on Niemand, there are still some scattered operations that you can dismantle, but TerraNova is no more.

The Agency looks forward to defending the people of the city, and trying to find a way to use Niemand’s research into Chimaera for good. We’ll see about that we guess.

That does it for our story summary of Crackdown 3. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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