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Crackdown 3: What the Install Size Is


Crackdown 3: What the Install Size Is

What the Install Size is For Crackdown 3

Gamers have waited a long time for Crackdown 3, and many have pre-ordered it to get a head-start once it releases. However, you’re also probably wondering if your console and/or PC’s hard drive can handle this much mayhem, and you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what the install size is for Crackdown 3.

Crackdown is a sprawling, open world game where players get to roam around a large, futuristic city and blow it up with their friends in order to stop terrorists. However, even though the game is big, the same can’t be said for the install size, which is a positive.

While most gamers can only install the 7 MB pre-load on their Xbox Ones right now, once Feb. 15 rolls around, players shouldn’t expect Crackdown 3 to take up too much space. At only 13.6 GB, Crackdown 3 campaign is quite manageable.

Red Dead Redemption 2, for instance, is a cyclopean 92.79 GB. Even Kingdom Hearts 3 requires 35.8 GB. Odds are most gamers will have plenty of space on their Xbox One for Crackdown 3.

However, this only applies to the Xbox One version. The PC version’s install size is a bit bigger. The campaign for PC is 21.6 GB.

For whatever reason, Microsoft chopped Crackdown 3 into two clients: the campaign and the multiplayer Wrecking Zone. On PC Wrecking Zone is 4.05 GB, while for Xbox One the space required is a little bigger at 5.2 GB.

Still, these files sizes are reasonably small, and unless your drive is full of games and stream recordings, you should have plenty of space for both Crackdown 3’s campaign and multiplayer clients.

As always, stick with Twinfinite for more Crackdown 3 guides, tips, and tricks. You can check out our guide wiki, and also get our full impressions of the game in our review.

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