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Crackdown 3: Ending Explained

crackdown 3, ending explained

Crackdown 3: Ending Explained

Ending of Crackdown 3 Explained

Crackdown 3, perhaps because of the amount of time since the last game, feels a bit distant plot wise from the other games and has a rather contained story. However, like other games in the series, it does have a mysterious ending that hints at future events to come. We’re going to explain the ending of Crackdown 3, if you do not want to be spoiled, please do not continue to read further.

Final Spoiler Warning

At face value, Crackdown 3 ends with the player character taking down TerraNova with the assistance of Echo, and Agency Director Charles Goodwin.

The attack on Elizabeth Niemand, leader/dictator of TerraNova in New Providence is a success, and her evil plot to combine the Chimaera, along with Agent’s superhuman powers, to create a form of immortality for herself is thwarted.

While the world of Crackdown 3 might still be pretty screwed outside of New Providence, the Agency appears to have wrestled control of one of the few, and perhaps the only city not effected by the Blackout terrorist attacks.

Echo is hired by the Agency and together they pledge to find a way to use the Chimaera substance as a force for good to help the citizens of New Providence.

As in previous Crackdown games though, not everything is exactly as it seems. While the Agency doesn’t appear to be as shady as it was in previous games, there does appear to be a “bigger fish” so to speak.

Throughout Crackdown 3, Niemand appeared to make contact with an unknown person that sounded like he/she was either above Niemand, or at least had an uneasy partnership/deal with her.

Whoever, or whatever, this entity is is heard talking at the very end of the game. It states that TerraNova was just the beginning and that you, the agent, are the end. The arm of some agent is seen in a regeneration tank, and gives a thumbs up before fading to black.

It appears that one way or another, be it through DLC or a sequel, the plot thread that started in Crackdown 3 will continue on and we’ll find out what exactly is going on here. For now, it’s left mostly as a cliffhanger.

That’s it for our explanation of the ending of Crackdown 3. If you’d interested in the summary of the full plot, you can check that out right here. Or, visit our wiki guide for tips and tricks.

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