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Anthem: How to Skip Cutscenes


Anthem: How to Skip Cutscenes

How to Skip Cutscenes in Anthem

Anthem is finally out in the wild and fans can now jump into the latest from Bioware’s A-Team. While many fans appreciate the story and cutscenes of Bioware games, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s how to skip cutscenes in Anthem.

The story of Anthem revolves around the Freelancer’s road to redemption after a series of very unfortunate events calls into question their capability of being a defender of people. This is not great timing because you’ll learn that if anything, the people need the Freelancers now more than ever.

Like we said above though, not everyone cares. While I personally will be locked into every single cutscene, and reading all of the little tidbits of lore I can get my virtual hands on in-game, there are those like our wonderful and fearless leader Yami, who will skip every cutscene completely and 100% guilt free. That’s fine! To each their own.

To skip cutscenes in Anthem all you need to do is hold Circle/B/Escape (PS4, Xbox One, PC) for a few seconds. Doing that will shuffle you along back to whatever it is you rather be doing. If there’s another one, just simply skip that one too.

how to skip cutscenes, anthem

It’s understandable if you’d rather just skip cutscenes and get back to the action. While story content is historically Bioware’s strong suit, the combat of Anthem is quite great. You’ll be customizing your own mech-like Javelins, and using them to smash enemies of the city and people your sworn to defend.

Also you can fly around like Iron Man through really pretty jungles rife with scenic waterfalls. Time will tell if the gameplay holds up after hundreds of hours, but I doubt the flying will ever get old at least.

That does it for how to skip cutscenes in Anthem. For more tips, tricks, and FAQs answered, be sure check out our wiki guide and to search Twinfinite.

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