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Anthem: How to Get More Blueprints

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Anthem: How to Get More Blueprints

How to Get More Blueprints in Anthem

Anthem, as any loot-based shooter, puts great emphasis on obtaining better gear as you take on missions in your Javelin. While gear drops are one way of decking out your powered exosuit with new items, crafting is another way to power up your Javelin. Here’s all you need to know about how to get more blueprints in Anthem.

What Blueprints Are Used For

Blueprints in Anthem are used in the Forge back in Fort Tarsis, allowing you to craft new gear which can then be equipped on any of your unlocked Javelins. Crafting gear using them does, however, require you to have the right amount of crafting materials.

How to Get Common and Uncommon Blueprints in Anthem

You’ll start earning Common Blueprints from the very beginning of Anthem. Although they’re far from being powerful, you can get them as rewards for completing missions and all sorts of other activities.

As you level up, Uncommon versions will start making their way into the reward pool of various missions and activities.

How to Get the Best Blueprints in Anthem

Rare, Epic and Masterwork blueprints offer significantly better improvements to your Javelin but, subsequently, aren’t as easy to obtain, being tied to some of Anthem’s more time-consuming activities. Essentially, these are the best blueprints in Anthem that you can get your hands on.

The most reliable way of obtaining these best blueprints in Anthem is by completing Faction Loyalty missions for Anthem’s three factions. There are three levels of Faction Loyalty. Level 1 unlocks access to Rare variants, Level 2 to the Epic versions, and Level 3 unlocks Masterwork variants.

As for the factions themselves, leveling your Arcanist Loyalty unlocks universal sigil blueprints, Freelancer Loyalty gives access to universal component ones, while Sentinel Loyalty unlocks iconic component ones.

Reaching Level 3 with all factions unlocks the Champion of Tarsis Challenge. This essentially removes the reputation cap for all of the factions, making way for more grinding but also the possibility of earning more items, including blueprints.

Strongholds, being a reliable source of high quantities of gear, are also worth taking into consideration for when you’re out looking for new blueprints. There’s also a tiny chance of high rarity variants dropping from any activity, but that’s not an approach which screams efficiency.

That’s all you need to know about how to get more blueprints in Anthem. For more Anthem tips, tricks and guides, check out our Anthem Guide Wiki, or simply search Twinfinite.

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