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Travis Strikes Again: How to Break Enemy Guard

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Travis Strikes Again: How to Break Enemy Guard

How to Break Enemy Guard in Travis Strikes Again

Travis Strikes Again sees the return of everyone’s favorite otaku assassin, Travis Touchdown. The franchise’s first Nintendo Switch title brings back plenty of elements that fans know and love from the series, including similar combat. Here is everything you need to know about how to break enemy guard in Travis Strikes Again.

Travis Strikes Again once again places a heavy focus on Hack and Slash action. This time around Travis brandishes his katana, Blood Berry, to get his revenge on the Bad Man, a former professional baseball player turned assassin.

In order to help our now middle-aged protagonist, you’ll need to master the game’s guard break feature.

How to Use It

Guarding is a pivotal part of defensive mechanics for action games. So it should be no surprise that Travis Strikes Again has plenty of enemies that require a guard breaking move.

Many of these in-game enemies have items that allow them to block Travis’ attacks. Shields and dual-wielding swords will wreak havoc on anyone trying to button mash their way through things.

To get by these defenses, players will need to attack their foes in one of a few different ways.

The first method is to simply jump and heavy attack. To do this, press B followed by X. This is an effective way to break an enemies’ guard in Travis Strikes again.

Skill moves are an easy way to break through as well, as they only require you to press L alongside whichever face button (ABXY) you have assigned an offensive skill.

It should be noted that while they might not necessarily break the guard or deal peak damage, most offensive attacks will deal damage to them regardless.

Charge Attack once again plays a pivotal role in the series, as this power-up deals heavy damage. To do one, Pressing R twice and shaking the controller. Now you’ll be taking down enemies, guarded or not, in no time.

That is everything you need to know about how to break enemy guard in Travis Strikes Again. For more information, check out our ever-growing wiki for Travis Strikes Again.


Question: How do you break enemy guard in Travis Strikes Again?

Answer: Jump and heavy Attack – B followed by X, execute a skill specific move (L plus whatever face button), or charge attack (R twice and a shake of the controller).

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