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Resident Evil 2: What Leon’s Desk Lock Combinations Are

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Resident Evil 2: What Leon’s Desk Lock Combinations Are

What Leon’s Desk Locks Combination Is in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 reimagines the original game with totally overhauled graphics and gameplay, but many of the secrets and puzzles remain intact. That said, there are also some new additions along the way. Here’s what Leon’s desk lock combinations are.

We mentioned just before about the new and old puzzles in Resident Evil 2’s remake. In fact, Leon’s desk is actually somewhere in the middle: there was a desk in the R.P.D office, and the contents were very similar to what they are in the remake. The difference is the two locks.

If you’ve been diligent about searching the office for items and documents, you’ll likely have come across the memo that explains to Leon that his desk is locked with two dial locks, and the three letter code is the first letters of his colleagues’ first initials.

But where do you find those initials? Well, each desk has a name badge with the officers’ names. There are six desks, which is the same number of letters you’ll need for both locks. So, you’ll simply need to examine each desk and remember the first letter of their first names.

Looking down the office from the locked desk, start at the back left and work back to the desk –that’s the combination for the left lock. Then start at the front right and work down to the end –that’s the combination for the right lock.

Note: one name badge is on the floor.

If you’d rather just have the answer, the desk lock combination is as follows: NED, MRG.

Inside the desk you’ll find handgun parts for the Matilda (Leon) or SLS 60 (Claire).

That’s all the information you’ll need about what Leon’s desk lock combinations are. For more useful guides, check out our wiki page.


Question: What are the desk combinations for Leon’s desk?

Answer: You acquire them by looking at the name badges on each desk. The codes are NED, MRG.

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