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Resident Evil 2: How to Beat G-Birkin

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Resident Evil 2: How to Beat G-Birkin

How to Beat G-Birkin in Resident Evil 2

If you’ve played the original Resident Evil 2, you probably already know that G-Birkin, or William Birkin as his human friends know him, is a major antagonist in the game. He shows up in the remake multiple times as well, and here’s what you need to know on how to beat G-Birkin in Resident Evil 2.

How to Beat G-Birkin Stage 1 in Resident Evil 2

Whether you’re playing as Leon or Claire in Resident Evil 2, your first encounter with G-Birkin will take place immediately after you escape the station with the three medallions. Before the fight, pack one or two healing items, and make sure you got the shotgun or grenade launcher before leaving the station.

When the fight starts, you can stun him pretty easily with handgun headshots. Do this until the giant eyeball appears on his shoulder, then start pelting the eyeball with bullets. Make use of the arena to dodge his attacks as well.

The arena is full of tight corridors and corners that you can use to your advantage, so you’ll want to turn corners frequently, then wait for him to show up and start shooting.

The fight is fairly straightforward; just move when you feel like you can’t stun him in time, and use the shotgun or grenade launcher whenever the eyeball is exposed.

Stage 2

The next time you face G-Birkin in Resident Evil 2 will be in the sewers. This fight is pretty mechanics-heavy, and you won’t even need to use any ammo, if you’re good.

Once G-Birkin breaks into the power room, immediately run past him and follow the linear path to where the container is. Find the yellow control panel next to it, and push the red button to send it to the other side.

When the other button on the panel turns red, you’ll be able to push it to bring the container back. Your goal here is to hit the boss with the container twice.

This can be pretty tricky to pull off if you don’t want to use any weapons. You’ll kind of have to bait him into the center of the arena, get him to do an attack, then run to the side before the container comes swinging back around.

However, Leon and Claire can make short work of this fight with the flamethrower or spark shot. When you’re waiting for the container to swing around, either of these weapons will be good enough to keep G-Birkin stunned in the middle of the arena. Keep him trapped there until the container comes back.

How to Beat G-Birkin Stage 3 in Resident Evil 2

G-Birkin’s stage 3 fight is pretty exciting, and takes place in the lab area of Resident Evil 2. It’s also fairly basic, and just requires you to shoot his weak points.

This time, he has three weak points: one on his thigh, one on his shoulder, and one on his back. The first two weak points should be pretty easy to hit, but for the third one, it might be wise to wait for the boss to try to pick up one of the canisters in the arena, then shoot the eye on his back with the magnum.

Hitting all three eyeballs will cause the weak point on his chest to expose itself, so pelt it with magnum bullets when that happens. Every now and then, he’ll attempt to pick stuff up in the arena and throw them at you, but just run to the sides and you should be able to avoid him.

Stage 4

G-Birkin’s stage 4 fight is exclusive to Claire’s scenario in Resident Evil 2. Before you leave the control room, make sure to pick up the mini gun.

During the fight, you’ll generally want to keep a good amount of distance between yourself and the boss. His only weak point is on his chest, so keep firing away at him with the mini gun to wear him down. Soon, he’ll attempt to climb the walls and jump back down onto the train platform. Start firing when he attempts to climb, and if you deal enough damage, he’ll drop back down and be stunned.

Once his health is low enough, he’ll start crawling around on the ground, making it a little easier for you to shoot him. Use up all of the mini gun ammo first, then take out your other weapons.

How to Beat G-Birkin Stage 5 in Resident Evil 2

This final stage of G-Birkin’s evolution is only available in the true ending of the game, and it’s also the easiest to clear.

This fight is essentially a DPS check, so make sure to bring all your best weapons. Once you reach the last train car, G-Birkin will show up and start to devour the entire carriage. You need to take him out before you run out of space.

Immediately start shooting him right in the mouth with your best weapons. The magnum is great, but the flamethrower and spark shot will work as well. There aren’t really any attacks to dodge here, so just keep firing until he goes down.

And that’s all you need to know about how to beat G-Birkin in Resident Evil 2. Be sure to check our Resident Evil 2 guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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