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Resident Evil 2 Demo: How to Solve the Medallion Puzzle (Lion)

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Resident Evil 2 Demo: How to Solve the Medallion Puzzle (Lion)

How to Solve the Medallion Puzzle in the Resident Evil 2 Demo

In the Resident Evil 2 Demo, you’ll come across a piece of furniture with changeable icons and some files that correspond with the correct locations of all the symbols. Here’s how to solve this medallion puzzle and get the Lion medallion.

So it’s quite simple actually once you at least know what you’re doing. There’s a bunch of different symbols that when you interact with it, you can switch them around. The goal is to get the three correct symbols in the correct order.

When you do that, you’ll receive the lion medallion. You can interact with the files and in it, you’ll find a sketch of a lion wearing a crown, and a harp player next to a unicorn.

It’s a little bizarre but we’ll save you the explanation. You’re using the picture of the lion, the crown, and the ram-looking creature to solve this one.

All you need to do to get the lion medallion and complete this puzzle is put the symbols in the following order from left to right: Crown, Lion, Ram.

Enter in that combination, and the shield will open up and provide you with a lion medallion which will be useful later on.

That does it for how to solve the medallion puzzle in the Resident Evil 2 Demo. Enjoy your short time with it. Hopefully, it’s enough of a taste for you.

If not, at least you won’t have to wait too much longer. Resident Evil 2 Remake comes out Jan. 25, 2019, so just a little while longer. Then, you can relive all your favorite moments from the original game in glorious current generation graphics.

If you’re looking how to quickly beat the Resident Evil 2 demo, you can check out our guide for how to beat it as fast possible.


Question: How do you solve the medallion puzzle (lion)?

Answer: Put the symbols in the following order: Crown, Lion, Ram and then enter them in.

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