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Red Dead Online: Gold Bar Locations


Red Dead Online: Gold Bar Locations

Gold Bar Locations in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online expands the scope of the single-player game to an impressive multiplayer experience, allowing players to customize their own character. Sometimes, that requires the game’s premium currency. Here are the Gold Bar locations in Red Dead Online that we’ve found so far.

While most of the weapons, items, and apparel can be obtained with in-game currency (dollars), others require Gold Bars, a premium currency.

In the future, Gold Bars will represent Red Dead Online’s defacto microtransactions, available as an item to purchase with real money. As of right now, though, Gold Bars need to either be earned either via the completion of PvP missions or found as a reward for solving treasure hunts.

There’s no easy answer to where Gold Bars are located in the game, simply because each treasure map will take you to a different place. Once you reach level 10, you’ll receive a treasure map every five levels. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to always take the time complete these treasure hunts.

But in order to quickly accumulate Gold Bars, you’ll basically want to acquire as many treasure maps as possible. One way to do so is to take out enemy hideouts. These are marked with a red circle and a skull on your map.

Typically, you’ll be given a treasure map as a reward for clearing a gang hideout. We’ve found that maxing out your honor seems to yield more maps.

We’ve compiled a list of gang hideout spawn locations below. You should be able to find treasure maps and, in turn, gold bars, here:

  • Jorge’s Gap – New Austin, southwest of Armadillo
  • Cumberland Falls – North of Blackwater, West of Valentine
  • Bacchus Station – North of Cumberland Forest, Ambarino
  • Hanging Dog Ranch – West Elizabeth region, west of Valentine, north of Little Creek River
  • Qauker Cove – Southwest of Blackwater
  • Twin Rocks – Northeast of Armadillo
  • Solomon’s Folly – New Austin, southeast of Tumbleweed near Benedict Point
  • Fort Mercer – New Austin, Tumbleweed and Armadillo near Rio Bravo
  • Clemens Point – Lemoyne, Edge of Flat Iron Lake, just West of Rhodes
  • Lakay – Lemoyne, directly South of the “R” in Lagras
  • Colter – Northwest of Cairn Lake, in the Northern area of the Grizzlies West region
  • Ewing Basin – West of Mount Hagen and directly North of the “G” in Grizzlies West
  • Mount Hagen – Directly West of the first “E” in Grizzlies West, you will come across a small mining cabin. Gang Hideout inside the hidden mine
  • Willard’s Rest – Northeast of Brandywine Drop, in the Northeastern most corner of the map
  • The Loft – North East of the “O” in Ambarino, not far from the Roanoke Ridge border

Do note that not every Gang Hideout will spawn every time. One trick to continually finding hideouts is to exit out of the game, load a new server, and then re-enter. Also, remember that treasure maps will not always spawn at every hideout.

That’s all the information we have for gold bar locations in Red Dead Online. For more guides and tips on both single-player and multiplayer, check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki page.

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