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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has Gone Gold Folks, the Game Has Been Completed

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Exclusives

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has Gone Gold Folks, the Game Has Been Completed

It’s actually done folks, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has gone gold, according to series producer Masahiro Sakurai. He spoke with Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, about the game and had a few remarks related to online matchmaking, the removal of trophies, and most importantly, the completed development. We were able to get this translated thanks to Ryokutya2089 (via Destructoid).

In the latest and last Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sakurai mentioned that trophies would be gone and be replaced with spirits. He iterates on exactly why this came to be: “That was decided early on. I wanted to split the workforce more for other things. They required a lot more work than what people might think.”

Spirit mode looks to be quite the big change from trophies and might seem intimidating at first, especially to newcomers, but Sakurai states that Spirits will be easier to understand once people get their hands on the game and try it out for themselves.

And lastly, he mentions that distance between players will be the deciding factor when it comes to online matchmaking. The farther you are from the other players, the more likely you will face connectivity issues.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to launch for the Nintendo Switch on Dec 7.

In other Smash Bros. Ultimate news, make sure you watch the new trailer that dropped a few days ago that shows off all of the fighters in one continuous shot that was just asking to be turned into a meme.

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