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Red Dead Redemption 2 Dreamcatcher Locations: Where to Find All Dreamcatchers


Red Dead Redemption 2 Dreamcatcher Locations: Where to Find All Dreamcatchers

Where to Find All Dreamcatchers in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game chock-full of things to see and do. Whether it’s the lengthy main story, or minigames like Five-Finger Filet, there are plenty of things to soak up hours of time. Of course, there are also a number of collectibles to hunt down in the Old West, including twenty Dreamcatchers.

These locations can be a bit tricky to pin down, so we’ll help give you details on where you can find each and every one. Without further ado, here’s where to find all Dreamcatchers in Red Dead Redemption 2. The images we’ve used are courtesy of Arekkz Gaming, and you can head over to their official video if you need a visual aid.

Just as a note, all Dreamcatchers in the game will be hanging from trees, so you’ll always want to be looking at the trees. It’s also easier to spot them in the daytime, simply because of better lighting.

Dreamcatcher 1

Set your marker just below the Dakota River for this one, near the fork in the road. Walk up the hill and look for the dead tree on the left side of the bunch. That’s where you’ll find the collectible.

Dreamcatcher 2

Head just north of the first and to the left of Caliban’s Seat. Follow the road and just north off of it, partway down after the split, you should see the collectible hanging off a tree close to the road.

Dreamcatcher 3

The third one will be just south of Valentine, off of the dirt road that runs down the middle of the word. Look to the left of the road for a big dead tree sitting among a bunch of live ones. That tree will have the collectible on it.

Dreamcatcher 4

This time, set your waypoint just to the south of the final S in Grizzlies West. You’ll want to follow the road then head up the hill just to the west of the road, and find a clearing with a bunch of trees. Again, the collectible will be on a dead tree in the clearing

Dreamcatcher 5

For the fifth one, you’ll want to set your waypoint about halfway up the road that leads north from the Grizzlies West to Window Rock. This collectible is very close to the road, so continue on until you see a fallen tree on the left side, and the Dreamcatcher will be on the tree behind it.

Dreamcatcher 6

Set your waypoint east of Cottorra Springs, just to the right of the road next to the area, and before the split. On the right of the road you’ll see a clearing with a bunch of thin trees and one large tree within them. That large tree has the Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher 7

The seventh collectible is just on the slope south of The Loft, northeast of the Grizzlies. Head to The Loft, go just south on the road below the slope and look for a bunch of trees with a dead one at its center with the collectible.

Dreamcatcher 8

For this one, set your marker north of Annesburg, just to the right of the thin strip on the Roanoke River. Follow the road then head north into the woods around where your marker is. The collectible is on a tree without any leaves.

Dreamcatcher 9

You can set your marker just north between the N and the E of Annesburg, and just below the triangle split in the road. This one is just off of the road, and shouldn’t be hard to spot.

Dreamcatcher 10

Now, you’ll want to head in the direction of the road split to the south of the U and R in Annesburg. Set your marker just to the left of it. Look to the left of the road and you’ll spot a dead tree on top of a rocky hill, the collectible is on it.

Dreamcatcher 11

Now travel south of Annesburg, following the road that you were previously on west and south, as pictured above. Keep an eye out for a group of trees around the location you’ve set on your map, to the left of the road. A tree at the front of the group has the collectible.

Dreamcatcher 12

The twelfth collectible will be just south of the Elysian Pool, right in between the E and R of New Hanover. Head due south of the Elysian Pool and look for a clearing with a big tree right in the middle of a bunch of smaller ones. The Dreamcatcher is on the big tree.

Dreamcatcher 13

For the next collectible, set your waypoint north of the B in Bluewater Marsh, right in between the fork in the road. This one is very easy to find, as it’s simply sitting on a tree in between the two roads.

Dreamcatcher 14

The next collectible is west of the previous one, just to the north of Lonnie’s Shack. Head there and go north, then look for a dead tree on the left side of a group to find it.

Dreamcatcher 15

The fifteenth collectible will be north of the previous one, just to the west of the Aberdeen Pig Farm. Head to the tip of the text for the pig farm then look to the left of the road. You should see a big tree standing all by itself in the open. Head to it and get the collectible.

Dreamcatcher 16

This collectible can actually be found inside of the O on the New Hanover text on the map. Go to the top right corner of the O, and look for a group of trees clumped together. The Dreamcatcher is on a big one in the middle.

Dreamcatcher 17

For the next one, look for the Heartland Overflow and then the lake/water below it. Set your marker right about in the middle of the little cup that the water forms. Head to the marker and find a tree standing alone to get the collectible.

Dreamcatcher 18

This collectible is pretty much literally on top of the N in The Heartlands text on the map. Set your waypoint, head there, and you’ll see a lone dead tree out in the plains.

Dreamcatcher 19

The next collectible will be just to the left of the railroad tracks that are north of Citadel Rock. The tree with the Dreamcatcher is literally right next to the train tracks, so as long as you head down them, you can’t miss it.

Dreamcatcher 20

Again to the left of some train tracks, this time, the collectible is next to the E in New Hanover. Head down the tracks until you see a dead tree just to the left, then head straight from that tree to find a clump of trees with the collectible on one.

Now that you’ve collected all 20 Dreamcatchers, you’ll see a line drawn on your map with one final location to visit, just up by the Elysium Pool. This is the final secret, so set your waypoint and head back to the Elysium Pool, but make sure you bring a lantern. Find the waterfall at the top of the pool and simply walk through it into a cave.

Follow the path all the way through until it forks, then head right. Climb up the rock ledges and find the cave painting on your right, then examine the big hole in the middle of the painting. This rewards you with the Ancient Arrowhead.

This nifty little item will make your stamina last twice as long when you draw back the bow.

That’s where to find all Dreamcatchers in Red Dead Redemption 2. For even more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, make sure to take a look at our Red Dead Redemption 2 wiki. Here are a few other helpful guides you might want to check out as well.

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