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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshots Show New Area and Building Blocks

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshots Show New Area and Building Blocks

Today the Japanese branch of Square Enix released a new batch of screenshots of the upcoming JRPG-meets-Minecraft Dragon Quest Builders 2.

We get to see Sozai Shima (which translated as Raw Materials Island), an environment rich with materials for crafting, including valuable ore and rare flower seeds. There are also plenty of workbenches that provide unlimited frequently-used resources like wood and rope.

Of course, it’s also possible to team up with friends in multiplayer to collect materials together.

There is also a special place named “Builders 100 Landscape” which display creations by players of the first Dragon Quest, selected by the publisher via a building contest. It’s a lovely spot, so new players are encouraged to visit.

We also get to see new building blocks, including the “Magna Block” that can be attracted by magnets and used to build moving platforms, the “Trampoline” that lets you jump upwards, the “Launch Battery” that shoots fireworks into the sky, and the “Signboard” which displays messages.

You can enjoy the screenshots in the gallery below. If you want to see more, you can also watch the game’s opening cinematic.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will releases in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on December 20th. A western release has been hinted at, but not officially announced just yet.

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