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Darksiders 3: How to Get the A Parting Gift Trophy and Achievement


Darksiders 3: How to Get the A Parting Gift Trophy and Achievement

How to Get the A Parting Gift Trophy and Achievement in Darksiders 3

While most of Darksiders 3 is fairly linear, there is a notable side quest that you’ll want to make sure you complete. If you’re stumped on how to complete it though, we’re here to help with a guide on how to get the “A Parting Gift” trophy and achievement. *Warning! Some story spoilers ahead.*

As Darksiders 3 players make their way through the game’s story, they’ll interact with the enigmatic Lord of Hollows on several occasions. These interactions typically progress Darksiders 3’s story, though the Lord of Hollows does let the player in on a side quest they can choose to complete or ignore at their leisure.

As stated earlier though, you won’t want to miss what this quest offers as it impacts whether you get the full ending cinematic and secret cutscene at the game’s end. It can be easy to miss too, as it becomes impossible to complete after you trigger the Pride boss battle.

With that in mind, look to complete the quest as early as possible, ideally before taking on Wrath or Gluttony.

How to Find Abraxas

The quest involves taking down a particularly dangerous demon known as Abraxas. He can be found in the latter half of Darksiders 3 at the top of a tower in the Scar, after the player has reached the Drilling Annex Serpent Tunnel.

From the Serpent Tunnel, head right along the wall toward a spinning drill. Go right around the drill and keep hugging the wall until you reach a doorway leading out into an open digging area.

From there, head left toward a pool of water with a gated space high above it. This gate should be unlocked if the player has progressed far enough in the main quest, so if it isn’t, follow the skull marker toward your next main objective and keep an eye out for switches or levers.

Once the space is opened up, use the Stasis hollow to freeze the water’s surface and walk up to the wall below the space. Switch to the Flame Hollow and use the High Jump ability to reach the ledge.

This will lead you to another body of water, but this one is shallow enough that you can walk through it in any form. Go through it and make your way up another ledge, then follow the path until it leads you to a wooden walkway overlooking a crevice.

Turn right down a walkway and then look for a stone platform with a twin-clawed demon walking around on it. There should be a storm current to the right side of the platform.

Jump down and kill the demon, and then switch to the Storm Hollow. Use the hover ability over the current and you’ll be taken up to a passageway with a spear wielding demon guarding it. Kill this demon, and then head up to the highest point of the passageway.

Here, you’ll find a force switch. Hit it with the Hammer of Scorn’s charge attack and then take the elevator it summons to the top of the tower.

Abraxas will be waiting at the top of the tower in a throne room. After a short conversation that makes Fury doubt the Lord of Hollows’ intentions, you’ll be given the option to kill or spare him. Choose to kill him and then do your best to survive his boss fight. If you’re having trouble, we have a guide to walk you through it.

After Abraxas is defeated, head back to the nearest Serpent Tunnel and fast travel to the Lord of Hollows’ Chamber in the Hollows. Here, you’ll be able to interact with the Lord of Hollows one last time, learning why he chose to help you and what he hopes to do to restore the balance of the universe.

Killing or Sparing the Lord of Hollows

This will culminate in the choice to spare or kill the Lord of Hollows. Choose to spare him, and after another short exchange of dialogue, the Lord of Hollows will vanish and leave behind the Mysterious Stone Sigil. This key item triggers the game’s true ending and secret cutscenes.

The A Parting Gift trophy or achievement should pop up shortly after you receive the item.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get the A Parting Gift trophy and achievement in Darksiders 3, as well as how to complete the side quest tied to it.

Darksiders 3 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on all things Darksiders 3, check out the game’s launch trailer as well as our full review of the title.

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