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Cup Noodles Maker Courting Gamers Again With Clever PlayStation Classic Parody Commercial

PlaYStation Classic Nazonikudon

Cup Noodles Maker Courting Gamers Again With Clever PlayStation Classic Parody Commercial

The PlayStation Classic is coming soon worldwide, but this article isn’t exactly about its games or its cutesy form factor.

Nissin, the Japanese manufacturer of the ultra-popular original Cup Noodles, knows its customers well. They also know that many of those customers are gamers. That’s why they were so keen on collaborating with Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV, and the beefy Gladio is so fond of his cup noodles.

It shouldn’t surprise that they’re at it again, even if this time they’re publicizing cup… rice. To be precise, today they launched a commercial of their upcoming Nazonikudon product (basically a cup of rice and meat that can be prepared really quickly simply by pouring hot water in the cup), which will be released on December 3rd in Japan.

If the date sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same release day as the PlayStation Classic.

In order to celebrate the day in which the mini PlayStation and the new cup product will be launched, the company “received a miraculous OK from Sony” to create a parody commercial echoing the iconic Japanese ad campaign for the release of the original PlayStation, which played on the numbers “1, 2, 3,” to indicate the launch date December 3rd, 1994.

The commercial even comes with an “ND” logo obviously inspired by the rainbow-colored PlayStation brand.

You can check it out below, together with a recent PlayStation Classic trailer by Sony, and the original commercial which inspired them both (courtesy of YouTube user games i).

If you want to read more about PlayStation Classic, you can enjoy my impressions, and our size comparison with basically every small item we could find.

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