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Battlefield V: How to Rank Up Classes Fast


Battlefield V: How to Rank Up Classes Fast

How to Rank Up Classes Fast in Battlefield V

Battlefield V features an EXP system similar to previous games in the series. So as a result, ranking up classes fast is pretty similar to what veterans of the Battlefield games would be familiar with. Whether you’re new or need a refresher, let’s dig into it.

Battlefield V, perhaps more than any previous game, or FPS on the market today, rewards teamwork. If you fly solo, ignore objectives, and don’t play to the strength of your class, you will rank up much slower than, well, if you didn’t do those things.

Thus, the fastest way to rank up in Battlefield V is to do the following.

Getting EXP Fast

First, try to be a part of a squad (preferably with teammates that you’re actually communicating with in a party) and complete objectives and squad orders.

Capturing objectives such as lettered points in Conquest, offers you a large amount of EXP. Even more so if you’re following the orders set by your squad leader. Whatever the objective is, play to it for large amounts of extra EXP to rank up.

Second, in general, it’s always better to stick to your squad. Together, it’s easier to secure objectives like we said, but also contribute in assists, kills, spots, heals etc. And that point leads us to number three, playing to your class strengths.

As a Scout for example, you have tools to much more easily spot enemies than any other class in the game. Make sure that you’re actually doing that otherwise you’re leaving easy EXP on the table.

Medics have healing tools at their disposal such as bandages and medical crates. If you’re not effectively using this gadgets, then again, you’re missing out on valuable EXP that will allow you to rank up much faster in Battlefield V.

This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many Scouts don’t even know they can spot, Supports that don’t build fortifications, Medics that don’t heal etc.

Don’t be that person. Actually do what your class is designed to do and everyone, including you will benefit. Your team will win more, and you’ll get more EXP.

Finally, the last major way to rank up fast is to complete games, and win! Leaving games early will have you miss out on a large bonus of EXP at the end of the game. Winning of course, will provide you with more EXP throughout and at the end, so once again, play to the objectives.

Benefits of Ranking Up

Once you’ve gotten some EXP, you might be wondering (if you’re new) what the point is? Well, everything you can unlock in Battlefield V is tied to your class rank. This is especially true in this game versus previous ones. You start with much less stuff.

Most weapons, vehicles, gadgets etc. are gated behind class ranks. At level 1, you only have access to the most basic equipment and vehicles for the class you want to use.

As you play more though (whether it’s in a specific class or vehicle) you’ll rank up, unlock more weapons and equipment, and have more options at your disposal.

New to Battlefield V is subclasses, and that is also tied to your class level. You start with 1 subclass such as the Sniper subclass in Scout, and when you rank up, you’ll earn more. Additional subclasses are earned at Rank 8 for each class.

To check your class rank, available weapons, anything related to ranking up, from the Multiplayer menu, go to Your Company. There, you’ll see the four main classes, and vehicle classes (air and ground).

Select a class, and you can play around with the various weapons and equipment that you can swap out. Remember, at first, you only have access to very limited selections. When you get a higher though, you’ll eventually have more to choose from.

Finally, just ranking up in general will award you with Company Coins, which you can spend on weapon accessories.

That does it for how to rank up fast in Battlefield V. For more info about the game, take a gander at the latest multiplayer trailer, the most recent news on the status of its battle royale mode, and DICE’s approach to war stories this time around.

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