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Valkyria Chronicles 4: Tips & Tricks For Beginners


Valkyria Chronicles 4: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Deploy Units That Like Each Other, For Multiple Reasons

Every unit in Valkyria Chronicles 4 has certain others that they “like.” You can check these likes by going into the Command Center in Headquarters and selecting your squad setup. It’s important to deploy units together that like each other, as it can lead to various benefits. Units that like each other can perform better in battle, and many are more likely to activate their potentials when together, such as Raz and Kai for example.

There is another reason to do this, however, as deploying units that like each other can sometimes lead to Squad Stories. These are small, self-contained chapters that flesh out your squad members, and each one has a unique battle to play through. On top of that, each Squad Story you complete will unlock powerful Potentials for the three units it involves. The Squad Stories are charming little additions to the main narrative, so on top of all the other reasons, it’s another purpose for pairing units together.

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