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Valkyria Chronicles 4: Is There Splitscreen Local Co-Op Multiplayer?


Valkyria Chronicles 4: Is There Splitscreen Local Co-Op Multiplayer?

Is There Splitscreen Local Co-Op Multiplayer in Valkyria Chronicles 4?

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is the latest in tactical RPG combat, coming complete with a variety of different characters to use on the battlefield. There are plenty of missions packed into the game as you follow the story of the fictional Second European War. The game is packed with plenty of single-player content, but some players might be wondering if Valkyria Chronicles 4 supports splitscreen local co-op multiplayer.

While the second game in the series did come with a multiplayer mode, Valkyria Chronicles 4 does not support splitscreen local co-op multiplayer. The game is strictly single-player, meaning there’s no other way you can play with others, be it local or online. While you can have your friends help you with some strategic decision making off-screen, they can’t control any of the characters nor directly influence the outcome of your missions. Sega has yet to reveal why they opted not to include a splitscreen local co-op multiplayer mode for Valkyria Chronicles 4, nor have they mentioned any plans of patching it in the game.

That being said, there are plenty of other things you can still do in the game, despite the lack of splitscreen local co-op multiplayer. Valkyria Chronicles 4 comes complete with a brand new story as well as new units you can recruit on your journey. As with all previous entries in the series, the game still follows the same turn-based tactical combat. Instead of moving through tiles, however, characters can freely move around the battlefield in real-time and aim to attack enemies. The latest installment in the series also comes with a pretty hefty storyline, so you’ll be sinking in plenty of hours in the single-player mode.

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on Valkyria Chronicles 4, be sure to drop by our expansive wiki for more help on the game.

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