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Spider-Man PS4: Where Miles Morales Is (Spoilers)


Spider-Man PS4: Where Miles Morales Is (Spoilers)

Where Miles Morales Is in Spider-Man PS4

One of the worst kept secrets prior to Spider-Man for the PS4 releasing is that Miles Morales is in the game. Insomniac Games didn’t shy away from that at all. He’s, of course, the alter ego of one of the many Spider-Mans (Spider-Men?) that fans foamed at the mouth for once he was teased. As such, if you start up the game, you’re likely wondering where exactly this awesome character is. Don’t worry, we have the answer for you here. Here’s where Miles Morales is in Spider-Man for the PS4.

Story spoilers down below! Had to warn ya.

You simply need to continue on with the story and you’ll actually get numerous nods to Miles. There will be a part where Spider-Man teams up with Jefferson Davis (Miles Morales’ father) and he comments on how his “son’s a big fan.” Then, in another scene, Miles will be taking a video of Spidey kicking butt while on his phone. This was actually the scene that was teased.

What wasn’t teased, though, is that you can play as Miles! That’s right, just the same as there are Mary Jane segments where you’re going to have to be stealthy (they’re just regular ol’ humans, after all), there are parts of the game where you’re going to be doing the same as Miles Morales himself.

He ends up being a very great member of the team… If you want to be spoiled even further about him, by the way, click on over here to this guide. You’re going to want to read that.

That’s all there is to where Miles Morales is in Spider-Man for the PS4, though! If you’re looking for more story spoilers or just general help with the game, you can use our wiki for it! It has a ton of guides and is constantly being updated.

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