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Spider-Man PS4: Mid-Credits & Post Credits Scenes Explained (Spoilers)


Spider-Man PS4: Mid-Credits & Post Credits Scenes Explained (Spoilers)

Mid-Credits & Post Credits Scenes For Spider-Man PS4 Explained

Spider-Man for the PS4 may have been developed by Insomniac Games, but it’s a Marvel video game to the tee. As such, you can expect a mid-credits scene and a post credits scene once you beat the game. Did you see them and get confused, or just plain ol’ want to know what happens in them? No worries, I have a summary and explanation for the mid-credits scene and the post credits scene down below.

Obviously, there will be spoilers following this bright red message for you. Turn back now if you don’t want to be spoiled!

In the mid-credits scene, Miles Morales is helping Peter Parker move into what looks like his new apartment. They seem to have remained friends after all the madness that befell the city, as Miles is confiding in some advice with his love life. Little does he know that Peter’s not the one to ask…

But anyway, after a bit, Miles reveals he needs some help with something and that his body is changing. Before Peter can let him know that he doesn’t want to see what he’s talking about (thinks it’s some weird body thing), Miles jumps up onto the ceiling and shows off that he’s developed Spider-Man powers too, thanks to the spider that bit him towards the end of the game.

This effectively makes him fulfill his destiny as he, too, is a Spider-Man in the comics.

Peter sees this, smiles, and jumps on the ceiling too, and the two of them know each others’ secrets now. This could very well be a hint that the next game (if happening) might feature two Spider-Mans… Spider-Men?

But how can that be topped, you may ask? Well, hold on, I haven’t gotten to the scene that plays after the credits.

As for the post credits scene, we catch a shot of Norman Osborn walking through the secret lab room in his penthouse. You know, the one you infiltrated as MJ earlier? Well, he walks up to a giant capsule looking thing and opens it up.

What’s inside is none other than Harry Osborn himself. It turns out he didn’t go to Europe after all. He’s been getting tested on, as his father desperately tries to find a cure for the ailment that Harry suffers from. We found out earlier it’s the same genetic one that his mother died from, and Norman’s no doubt trying not to lose him, too.

It ends in a touching scene as Norman reaches to the glass and tells his son he loves him. His son reaches back… with Venom’s tentacles. That’s right, the iconic villain this time around is Peter’s best friend. Pretty crazy, right? Looks like a desperate father will unexpectedly release a monster on Manhattan.

If you’re interested in seeing all this for yourself, check out this video over here.

There you have it, there were the mid-credits and post credits scenes for Spider-Man on the PS4. Pretty awesome, right? That’s not all that you have to be spoiled with, though! If you’re looking for more spoilers, check out our wiki on the game over here.

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