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Forza Horizon 4 Seasons: How to Change Seasons

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Forza Horizon 4 Seasons: How to Change Seasons

How to Change Seasons in Forza Horizon 4

Looking for how to change seasons in Forza Horizon 4? This is how you do it.

Forza Horizon 4 for the Xbox One is here, and it’s a doozy. We loved it in our review, and racing fans should be thrilled to attend the Horizon festival once again and take part in all of the game’s many different courses, race types, and of course, hyper-realistic cars. Plus, it looks and runs like a dream.

By far, Forza Horizon 4’s most touted new feature is the seasonal gameplay. Your time at the Horizon festival will be spent across all four seasons. You can change seasons in the prologue by just playing, but after getting your yellow wristband things are different.

You can no longer change seasons during normal gameplay after reaching the yellow wristband phase of the game. This occurs about four to five hours into gameplay. You’ll go through each of them once throughout this prologue of sorts, and then when you’re thrown into the shared world, it will be whatever season is currently active. After that, to change seasons, you need to wait until it shifts naturally in-game, which from what we gather will be weekly, but that might be different once we see how Playground Games’ plans for Forza Horizon 4 plays out over time

All of that said, however, you can still change seasons in private game modes for Forza Horizon 4. When you create your own Team Adventure game mode for you and your friends, you can pick whatever courses you want, and whatever season you want as well. Using this game mode, you can change seasons and play in say, winter or summer, even if it’s currently autumn.

That does it for how to change seasons in Forza Horizon 4. For more tips, tricks, guides, and FAQs answered, be sure to search Twinfinite. Here are some more guides we have for the game, at a glance:

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