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Forza Horizon 4: How to Change Cars


Forza Horizon 4: How to Change Cars

How to Change Cars in Forza Horizon 4

Wondering how to change cars in Forza Horizon 4? We have your answer.

Forza Horizon 4 continues the excellent tradition of great exclusive racing games on the Xbox One. Whether it’s Motorsport or Horizon, if you’re a racing fan that owns an Xbox One, it’s hard to pass up on picking up either one of these games when they make their yearly appearance in the fall. This year, it’s the more arcade style game Horizon’s turn, and the series hasn’t skipped a beat. It’s still runs great and looks incredible, especially now that the beauty of all four seasons is on full display. It’s doubly pretty if you’re playing on the Xbox One X.

Of course, in any proper racing game, you’re going to have lots of options for cars. In Forza Horizon 4, there are multiple types of races ranging from street races, off-road, traditional courses, and more. You’ll want to change cars in those scenarios. Not every vehicle is right for each of those activities.

On top of that, there are four seasons, each with their own unique quirks that will effect your approach on the track. This may cause you to want to change cars.

Driving in snow and rain is different than a bright, dry summer day, obviously. So you’re going to want to change cars when you need to. Make sure you have multiple options which will ensure you have the right car for every situation.

To change cars in Forza Horizon 4, you must first progress through the game’s first season, spring, until you have qualified for the autumn courses. You will not be able to change cars at any point before this.

At the end of the spring chapter, you will unlock your first house, and from there you can finally have access to a garage, and from there you can change cars, and see all the ones you have available to you.

Once you’ve progressed a bit past this point, you can also change cars through the main menu by pressing options and accessing the Cars section. From there, you can see all the cars available to you, and enter the marketplace to get more if you want.

That does it for how to change cars in Forza Horizon 4. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more tips and tricks for Forza Horizon 4.

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