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Dragon Quest XI: How to Change Clothes & Outfits


Dragon Quest XI: How to Change Clothes & Outfits

How to change clothes and outfits in Dragon Quest XI

Aside from the free Dragon Quest VIII costume that will be made available to all players, Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age has a lot more clothing for each character in your party. It’s worth noting that only certain armors and clothing will change your character’s appearance. So, how do you know which ones will change how the way your characters look in the game?

Only pieces of equipment with a shining pink sparkle on the top right of the item image will change your character’s appearance. If you have an equipment with a shiny sparkle, simply equip it to change into the outfit. If there’s no shiny sparkle, it will only provide you some stat improvements for battles. Where’s the fun in that, right?

In some instances, several pieces of equipment are required to change your character’s appearance. You can easily determine if another piece of equipment is required by heading to your equip screen and bringing up the item info.

Dragon Quest XI has a ton of costumes for its cast of male and female heroes. This includes robes, knight armors, school girl outfit, bikinis, cat costumes, and more. Considering that it takes around 50 hours to complete the main story, excluding the lengthy post-game content, you will definitely want to change your party’s appearance throughout the game to spice things up.

There are a number of ways to acquire clothes and outfits in Dragon Quest XI. Some can be obtained by simply finishing quests or purchasing from a vendor, while some can be acquired as a reward in certain activities or through forging. There’s quite a lot of costumes in the game, so you definitely won’t have a hard time finding the best one that suits your tastes.

So, that wraps our guide on how to change your clothes and costumes in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Make sure to head over to our wiki page for more.

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