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Pokemon GO Celebi Quest: How to Complete Special Research & Catch Celebi


Pokemon GO Celebi Quest: How to Complete Special Research & Catch Celebi

Completing Special Research and Catching Celebi in Pokemon GO

Niantic has been slowly introducing mythical Pokemon into Pokemon GO, by way of special research tasks that require you to complete specific objectives in order to catch these rare creatures. The first mythical Pokemon introduced into the game was Mew, but now Celebi is available to capture in Pokemon GO as well. The Pokemon was originally made available to players who attended Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago earlier this summer, so now everyone has a fair chance.

There are a few steps you must do in order to acquire it and make Celebi a part of your team. First and foremost, you must have completed the third step of objectives for Mew’s research tasks. You can find these by going to your research quests via the Pokemon GO application and pressing the special quests option; this will show you all of the steps necessary to capture both Mew and Celebi. Each step progressively gets a little harder each time you progress through the mission.

A Ripple in Time is the name of Celebi’s quest, and it should pop up in your game as soon as you finish Mew’s third set of tasks. By completing all eight sets of the special tasks for A Ripple in Time, Celebi will be given to you as a sweet reward.

If Celebi is anything like capturing Mew, then the actual process should be simple, given that Mew has a zero percent flee rate.

That’s all you need to know about completing A Ripple in Time and catching Celebi in Pokemon GO. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks when it comes to Pokemon GO, make sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide that will surely help you on your Pokemon catching journey.

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