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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Level Up Your Palico


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Level Up Your Palico

How to Level Up Your Palico in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

In Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, you’ll get to recruit your very own Palico companion that can accompany you on hunts and make your life a little easier. While your hunter doesn’t actually level up, and instead gets stronger through the crafting of better gear, your cat-like companion does have a level that goes up as it gains more experience. Here’s what you need to know about leveling up your Palico.

For starters, your Palico will gain experience every time you bring it with you on a hunt. After completing a hunt in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, it’ll gain experience, and once it has enough, it’ll level up. When this happens, you’ll be notified of its new level at the quest results screen. How much experience your Palico gets is dependent on how well it performs during the quest. For instance, if it gets KO’d too many times, the amount of experience it gets from that quest will be considerably less, so you’ll want to make sure to fit it with the best possible gear at all times to help it survive. In short, just keep taking it with you on hunts, and it’ll get stronger naturally.

The Palico can also gain experience when you play Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate in Prowler Mode, which can be activated from the board in the Palico Ranch. This allows you to play the game as the cat itself, and it can get experience and levels that way. Lastly, you can also improve its skills and utility by going to the Palico board, and choosing which skills you want it to learn. This isn’t quite the same as leveling up, but it ensures that their abilities are always up to snuff, and they’ll be more useful to you on the field.

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