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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How Much It Costs


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How Much It Costs

How Much Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Costs

Though the Switch doesn’t have the runaway hit Monster Hunter: World in its library, eager enthusiasts of the action-RPG series won’t be left out in the cold now that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has hit the hybrid console. It may be a port of an older 3DS title, but it feels right at home on Nintendo’s popular handheld, even allowing you to send over your old save data so you won’t have to start over again.

If you’re hunting for the best price with as much fervor and enthusiasm as you would for rare monsters, you may be disappointed to know that it appears fairly consistent across the board. Preorders are available on Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Gamestop, each with a final retail price of $59.99.

At this point, it doesn’t appear as though any major retailers have Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate available any cheaper. It may be worth familiarizing yourself with your chosen retailer’s price match policies, as some of them will match smaller local competitors. Some will even match online prices, and you can often get the cheapest deals there due to a lack of overhead.

You may have to end up biting the bullet and settling on the standard $60 if you are keen on buying Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate upon launch. If you’re able to wait for a while, it’s a toss-up how long it will take for the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate to go on sale or receive a price reduction. Typically, third-party Switch titles are more likely to drop in price than Nintendo-developed offerings, and the fact that this is a port certainly could help, but ultimately (no pun intended) it comes down to the retailers themselves.

For more facts, tricks and tomfoolery related to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, check out our wiki. It has the sheer power of Rathalos, and it’s twice as pretty, to boot.

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