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Marvel’s Spider-Man Swings Into Action With a Gameplay Launch Trailer

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Swings Into Action With a Gameplay Launch Trailer

PlayStation has released the launch trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man, ahead of its Sept. 7 release date. The trailer shines a spotlight on both the allies and enemies of Peter Parker, as well as the advanced combat capabilities of an older, wiser Spider-Man.

The trailer showcases a brief glimpse of Spider-Man’s opening battle with Kingpin, and the villains that follow after the crime magnate’s downfall. Mr. Negative, Silver Sable, Rhino, Scorpion, and The Vulture all make brief appearances in the trailer. Although we’ve still yet to find out if Miles Morales will don his own Spider-Suit, he does appear to play a rather large role in the game, appearing at both the beginning and end of the trailer. Of course, Mary Jane will also play a huge role in Marvel’s Spider-Man with playable sections, breaking her out of the mold of typical “damsel in distress” characters. Take a look at the launch trailer down below.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to release on Sept. 7 exclusively for PlayStation 4. There’s also a snazzy bright-red special edition PS4 Pro that will be launching alongside the game, emblazoned with that iconic white Spider-Symbol. If you happened to miss the last story trailer, where we get hints of the involvement of Norman Osborn and Green Goblin, you can take a look at that here.

Are you excited for Marvel’s Spider-Man? Do you think it might have a chance at GOTY? Leave a comment down below and let us know.

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